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Go Ahead and Pay with an ACH Online Payment

Go Ahead and Pay with an ACH Online Payment

One thing most of us learn in our lives is that it’s usually best to trust your instincts, and if your instincts are telling you to be skeptical of something then you should probably proceed with caution. Unfortunately, theft of banking information has occurred for years and it is something that needs to be taken seriously when providing online payment. An ACH online payment is one option that is more secure than your standard online payment methods, and it is increasingly available to people these days.

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The good news is that you can make payments with ACH here at Canada Pharmacy and you don’t have to be concerned about entering sensitive financial information online.

Convenience is always going to be a priority for people who are shopping online. Retailers and service providers want you to be able to do that, and that’s why the providers have the same interest you do in making sure that online purchases are safe. The good news is that choosing to pay with ACH online is entirely safe for the most part, and we’ll get to why that is.

But for many of you we imagine we need to first explain what exactly is ACH and what does that acronym stand for.

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. Before you start thinking that it’s a new and safer online payment method, only the second part of that is true. It is definitely a safer way to pay online, but it’s not new at all. In fact, it’s been around since 1974 but it has evolved to be the modern and better online payment method that it is today.

ACH has been called the ACH online check writer, but it’s much more than an alternative to mailing checks for payment.

One-Time Information Share

What you have now is the electric model of a well-established payment system that is an alternative to sending checks or giving banking information. Funds are pulled directly from your checking account when you pay with an ACH online payment. You authorize the recipient ‘pulling’ funds from your account, while only having to share the banking information once.

Another big plus is that ACH payment transactions are regulated by the Federal Reserve Bank and the Electronic Fund Transfer Act. Then there’s the way that following Electronic Payment Association rules makes ACH online payment a reliably safe way to make purchases online.

With other online payment methods, that information is transmitted with every purchase. If you’re making payments on an ongoing basis as part of a billing cycle, then that increases your risk increases quite a bit. It’s when account details are included in payments that the risk of online fraud increases considerably, as that information may not be secure when passed over the Internet.

This really is the primary advantage of ACH online payments, as again you are only transmitting the information once. Now let’s look at other advantages of paying with ACH online.

Advantages of an ACH Online Payment

Next up is the fact than ACH payment requires less time, and is considered to be one of the less risky online payment methods. Most transactions are processed within two business days, and less time between the sender and the recipient receiving the funds is always a good thing.

Wire transfers have been a standard way for making payments for decades, but the issue with them is that they are immediately authorized and difficult to reverse once they’ve been submitted. Long story short, there’s much more of a chance of your payment being stolen when you’re paying with a wire transfer rather than an ACH online payment.

You also have the ability to set up automated payments with ACH for when you are on a billing cycle of any sort, and again you can do this without having to worry about the security of online payments.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to go along with the security of ACH online payments is the fact that you can set up on-demand payments. Here you can transfer payment funds online with ACH and have complete control over if and when that happens.

Plus, you’re also protected by federal law in the USA if any type of fraud or error occurs to you when you pay with ACH online. Provided you get in touch with your bank within 60 days, you’ll be able to have any type of fraud or overpayment corrected.

ACH payments are also safer than Western Union money transfers because the recipient of an ACH payment generally needs a U.S. bank account, which requires that they provide enough identification for law enforcement to find them if the need arises.

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How to Make Your ACH Online Payment with Our Pharmacy

Canada Pharmacy has made it easy to pay with ACH online. We’ve implemented this payment method to make it so that our customers don’t need to send checks and assume the risks that could come with that.

So here’s all that you will need to do:

  • Sign upfor an account
  • Pick your products
  • Complete Checkout
  • On the final page you’ll have an option for Make Payment
  • Select the Pay online by ACH form option visible on the page
  • Fill in the appropriate information and then submit the form

Just like that you’ll be set up to make online payments more safely and have an alternative to mailing checks. We encourage you to take advantage of ACH online payment and pay for prescriptions without having to send checks.

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