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Find out all the ways you can save more with These discount pharmacy online options include: Cyber Monday Deals, Email Coupons, Birthday Cards, Holiday Post Cards, Canada Care Plan, Shipping Options & More!


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Email Coupons

From time to time as a customer of you will receive coupon codes in order to save even more when purchasing from Canada Pharmacy. These coupons are an additional discount on top of our prices which are up to 80% cheaper compared to local pharmacies.

The coupon codes vary from dollar amounts off to percentages off your purchase.

To qualify to receive these email coupon discounts all you need to do is signup for an account with Canada Pharmacy. You don’t even need to purchase anything in order to be eligible to receive these coupon codes. It is that simple! If you don’t want to use the email coupon codes you don’t have to.

Birthday Card Coupons

As a customer of Canada Pharmacy (who has purchased in the last 3 years) you have the opportunity to receive birthday post cards in the mail with a coupon code on it in order to save more on your next purchase. All you need to do is purchase anything from of any price amount in order to be eligible to receive a birthday post card in the mail.

The birthday post card coupon code is valid for 3 months after your birthday month.

Cyber Monday Deals

Every Cyber Monday we hold a huge sale at Canada Pharmacy where everything is at a massive discount. In order to receive these discounts you need to make sure you visit our website on Cyber Monday to get the coupon code you can use to save big on that day only!

Holiday Post Card Coupons customers who have purchased in the current year are eligible to possibly receive a holiday post card in the mail with a coupon code they can use to save even more when purchasing with Canada Pharmacy.

Canada Care Plan

The Canada Care Plan is a loyalty program that rewards returning customers with additional perks such as between 5 – 10% discount and priority processing. There is no age restrictions to become a Canada Care Plan member and the discounts include prescription, non-prescription and even pet medications.

The Canada Care Plan offers exclusive offers to members throughout the year and an option to buy now and pay later (over 30 days).

To learn more about the Canada Care Plan make sure to visit between December and January each year to get details about the plan on the home page of our website.

Shipping Options To Save

To save even more we provide customers with a variety of shipping options in order for customers to save on future orders. The regular shipping price is $10 per order. However if you want to pay up front for the whole year for $20 you can do so and only pay shipping once in the entire year no matter how many orders you place in that year.

To save even more you can get lifetime shipping for only $50 and never have to worry about paying shipping fees again!

Refer A Friend Discounts

If you refer a friend and make a purchase at both the referred customer and the person who referred that customer will get a $50 credit applied to their accounts for future purchases.

To learn more about our referral program click here.

Social Media Sharing Discounts

Save up to 5% on your next purchase by simply sharing with your Facebook or Twitter profiles.

As part of the checkout process you will have to option to quickly and easily share Canada Pharmacy in order to get additional savings on your order.

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