Collaborate with Canada Pharmacy to Enhance your Customer Satisfaction and Retention Rates

One can build up a lot of savvy over 20-plus years in an industry, and having that period in the International online pharmacy space has given Canada Pharmacy the experience and know-how required to identify and secure advantageous medication sourcing agreements with pharmaceutical wholesalers.

This is not something that is exclusive to our online pharmacy here. Still, it is accurate to say we’re among the online pharmacies in Canada that are best suited to have these agreements and dispensing medication at lower prices because of them. We have the infrastructure in place, and our management team clearly understands how the pharmacy business works.

So here we are extending this offer and suggesting that others might want to join as a partner pharmacy in the pharmacy network we’re assembling around Canada Pharmacy. We see a clear opportunity to grow our business and offer our pharmacy partners similar benefits and growth potential.

We will suggest anyone look to Canada Pharmacy’s success in the pharmaceutical vertical and the $15 million in Rx sales we’ve done to see why it will make sense to partner with us here. Consider our longstanding membership in the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC), our reputation for having medication available to US residents, and our ability to ship it directly to their homes.

We offer the lowest wholesale costs for medications and are constantly reevaluating our resource utilization to source Rx medications and dispense them at lower costs.

By becoming a Canada Pharmacy partner pharmacy, pharmacies will enjoy these same advantages for their customer base. Join the Canada Pharmacy Network and start offering your customers what we provide to ours, promoting increased satisfaction and retention, along with what will likely result in more favorable reviews for your pharmacy.

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