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Better Birth Control: Introducing the Annovera Ring

Annovera Ring

Most women have extremely busy lives in the same way that most men do. Anything that can make things simpler is going to be welcome. When it comes to birth control and the wish to have a sex life that’s as care-free as possible, birth control pills aren’t ideal. Sure, taking them isn’t much of a big deal at all, but then there’s the potential consequences if you forget to take your pills for any number of days in succession. Missing one is usually okay, but how about a whole different scenario where you don’t have to do anything for 3 full weeks? That’s what is possible with the Annovera Ring.

Now this new type of birth control isn’t ‘breaking new ground’ or anything, as IUDs have been around for quite a while. But this is a different type of IUD or birth control ring, and what the Annovera ring does is provide reliable pregnancy protection AND offer women a good birth control pill alternative. Speak to your physician about a birth control prescription for the Annovera ring and you may well find that they’ve written that same prescription for LOTS of women recently.

The appeal of this new birth control method is obvious. All a woman needs to do is insert the ring and then nothing more is required for 3 weeks. She will then remove the ring for one week and wash it (see below for more about that) and then repeat that cycle. How long does the Annovera ring last? That’s a good question, and we have an even better answer for it! It lasts a full year before you’ll need to get your prescription filled for a new one.

36 Weeks of No Worries

So how about? For 3 weeks of every month you don’t need to concern yourself with anything while enjoying 97% reliable birth control, and then you don’t need to see a physician for a refill prescription until a full 12 months have passed. There’s a lot of good that can come of that, but maybe the best would be removing any anxiety from the equation if a woman has unprotected sex and then realizes she forgot to take birth control medication.

Anxiety is more of an issue for everyone these days, and among the many different approaches to managing it is to use Benadryl as an OTC spot relief option for anxiety. It’s not ideal, but what you’ll learn is that the mild sedative of effect of antihistamines like it can take the ‘edge’ off anxiety if you’re in a bad way with it and unable to obtain a more effective Rx product for it.

But let’s get back to the Annovera birth control ring and how it’s such a game changer for women who want a different birth control method, or what most of them are going to consider a better birth control method.

Better in Every Way

The next big part of the advantageous nature of the Annovera Ring is the way it’s A) comfortable, and B) no impediment to sex whatsoever. Now of course both of those are going to be important to women, and it’s noteworthy to point out that if you visit the Annovera ring website you’ll see they describe this good birth control ring as ‘soft’ and ‘squishy’.

Alliteration always has a way of making things sound even better, but in truth these two adjectives are pretty much on point when it comes to the Annovera ring. Ask any women who’s made a switch from birth control pills to it and they’ll tell you it’s absolutely nothing at all to put it in place and once it’s there you truly never notice it. And that includes when you’re enjoying intimacy with your partner!

The last thing that needs to be mentioned before we look at how you clean your Annovera ring is to say that a birth control ring is probably best used only in a committed, exclusive relationship. That’s not to suggest it won’t provide reliable birth control if not. However, it is extremely important for women to keep themselves safe from STDs and that’s why using a barrier birth control method like a condom is highly recommended if you’re using birth control but enjoying sex more casually with partners.

Alright, enough preaching. Let’s wrap things up by talking about the little bit of maintenance you have to do with the Annovera ring.

Simple to Clean

This birth control ring has so much going for it! One of the added benefits is just how little is required of you after you take it out after 3 weeks. Here’s what you need to do to clean your Annovera birth control ring.

First you wash and dry your hands, and then proceed to wash your Annovera ring with mild soap and lukewarm water. Next, pat it dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Just like that, you’re good to go again for another 3 weeks.

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