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Can Women Use Eroxon?

Can Women Use Eroxon?

Eroxon gel is a new erectile dysfunction treatment medication that is especially in demand right now, and primarily because it goes on topically and will usually produce an erection for a man within 10 minutes. The fact it is available without a prescription is a part of why so many men are considering it too, but it seems it is not just the one gender that has their interest piqued by Eroxon. Women may not get erections, but they get aroused to the same extent men do and even more so. So, can women use Eroxon too?

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It would seem the answer to that is no, it is not a medication that can enhance sexual responsiveness or readiness for women. This is simply related to physiology and the fact the Eroxon gel is designed to work by going directly onto the tip of a man’s penis. Sure, there are plenty of women who are avid cyclists, snowboarders, and the PWHL is showing us that there’s many darn good women hockey players too. All of these women will have helmets, but not that type of helmet and for this reason Eroxon is not going to work for women.  

Apparently the belief is that if the gel is applied to the clitoris then it would be stimulating the same way, but the reason that is not the case is a woman’s sexual stimulation in that part of her body is based on the function of nerve endings, while a man getting an erection is caused by blood flowing into the penis. Eroxon works to promote blood flow, and as such it is not going to provide sexual stimulation for women no matter where it is rubbed. Can women use Eroxon? They can, but it will not provide any level of arousal or readiness for sex.  

Application Sensation  

The hope here was that applying an ED treatment gel would provide some level of sensation for the woman. While she is not going to experience any sensation, that does not mean she cannot be a sensation when she is finally alone with Mr. right-for-tonight. We have explained all that you need to know about can women use Eroxon, and it does not enhance sexual stimulation for women. But there can still be plenty of satisfaction to be had and what she can do is apply this ED treatment gel for him. It will be very much appreciated. 

The next question that some may be asking is a legitimate one. Is Eroxon safe for the woman? The gel is absorbed into the skin quickly, but it is possible some of it may still be on the surface once the intimacy involves penetration. Both people are going to be quite eager for that to happen, but the good news here is that Eroxon does not contain any type of ingredient that would cause irritation or any type of other adverse effect for if it comes into contact with tissue inside the woman.  

Sorry if we have disappointed you with our answer to can women use Eroxon, but there are other ways to enhance sexual stimulation for women, including Addyi, which is known as the Viagra for women. We encourage you to look into them.  

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