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Canadian Drug Companies That Ship to the USA

canadian drug companies

Life has never been more expensive than it is right now, and that’s something you could have legitimately claimed at any time over the past few decades. The way the average person’s income earning ability hasn’t even remotely kept pace with inflation is making affordability a real issue right across the board for many people. There are many reasons why medication is so expensive in America, and the reason that’s a primary concern related to all of this is because most people who cannot afford their medication also can’t afford not to take it. Canadian drug companies may offer an alternative.

But back to what we alluded to there, when we say these people can’t afford the cost of the medication - but also can’t afford not to pay the price - it’s because these medications are essential for to health. In some cases, taking them as prescribed is what’s keeping people alive. Anyone who’s in that type of situation but has no other choice but to pay for medication without a co-pay arrangement or Medicaid Part D coverage in the America are likely feeling the financial constraints that come with the cost of simply managing their health.

The one bit of good news in all of this is that ordering medication online from Canadian drug companies has been just what thousands of Americans have needed for paying less for prescription drugs. There are more than a few Canadian drug companies that are able to fill prescriptions for Americans and deliver their medications to them. And if you are looking for one of these discount Canadian drug companies yourself, you’re in the right place here!

Less Monopoly Pricing / Fewer Middlemen

If we’re to be specific about it, the reason the medications are so expensive in America is because of monopoly pricing. Without going into too much detail, the manufacturer of a drug retains the ability to produce it exclusively – meaning no one else can – for many years before the patent expires. That can happen as soon as within five (5) years, but many times it extends longer than that. This is what allows for monopoly pricing and that’s the main reason drugs are too expensive in America.

The cost to do research and development and manufacture Rx medications also plays a role with some products, and that’s usually a factor for the prices of the most expensive Rx drugs in America. If reading that list makes you feel better about what you must pay for yours, that’s great. If it doesn’t do much at all in that way, well that’s fine too. Consider discount Canadian drug companies among your solutions for paying less for prescription drugs in America.

Another aspect that’s different with the pharmaceutical industry in Canada is that there are fewer intermediaries that exist between the drug manufacturer and the pharmacy that’s dispensing it to you. In America, there’s usually quite a few of them and each ‘stop’ along the line adds to the cost some. Unfortunate, but that’s the way it is. In Canada there’s not the same hierarchy this way. And you shouldn’t have any concerns about the safety or purity of drugs ordered from Canada. Health Canada is equally as stringent and forceful about prescription drug safety as the US FDA, and drugs ordered from Canada will be the same as the ones you would get from your local pharmacy.

Another Big Plus for Canadian Drug Companies

If what you’ve read here has you considering Canadian drug companies that ship to the US for your Rx prescriptions, then you should take full advantage of the opportunity. If that means you can save money on other healthcare products that you might be buying along with your Rx meds from the same pharmacy, then why not do that too? Many of these Canadian drug companies will have these same products available through their website.

We’re talking about OTC (over-the-counter) healthcare products, and with OTC meaning that you don’t need a prescription for them. For example, use of an analgesic muscle pain reliever like Rub A5-35 is common in pretty much every household in North America. These are the same types of products that you may well be order along with your Rx drugs when ordering them from Canadian drug companies that are able to fill prescriptions for US customers.

Another one is how some women use Preparation H for off-label use to prevent wrinkles, as was made popular by Kim Kardashian. You can order this product online from Canada too, and there’s some information to suggest that Canadian Preparation H is a better formulation when you’re using a hemorrhoid cream to prevent wrinkles!

Just a couple of examples of many here, and we encourage anyone who doesn’t have the deepest pockets to save money on Rx drugs ordered from Canada. After all, spending less on medications when you need to spend less on pretty much everything is all the reason you need to order from Canadian drug companies if that’s an option for you.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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