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How To Identify a Legitimate Canadian Pharmacy

How To Identify a Legitimate Canadian Pharmacy

One of the seemingly unavoidable realities in America these days is that prescription medication was always expensive, but now it seems to be becoming even more expensive! There’s a lot of different factors that go into making drugs so expensive in the USA. For most people, they just want to know is where can they getter prices on prescription drugs compared to what they pay at their local pharmacy. Ordering medication online from Canada is one way to do that. However, some may have concerns about Canadian pharmacies.

For anyone that has any such doubt about the legitimacy of Canadian pharmacies, the truth is that they’re every bit equal of American ones. Everyone in America will be familiar with the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is the federal government’s regulatory body that ensures the purity and safety of pharmaceutical medication. In Canada, Health Canada is the same equivalent agency. Laws related to manufacturing and dispensing of medications are just as stringent there. 

This means that US customers should have no difficulty trusting in Canadian Pharmacies in general. They should still be looking into the legitimacy of any particular one they find that offers the best prices when ordering medication online from Canada. This will be especially true for people ordering very important medications or ones that they frequently purchase in large quantities. 

So what’s the best way to identify a legitimate Canadian Pharmacy then? Let’s look at that. 

Identifying Legitimate Canadian Pharmacies 

One of the things that people have been told about e-commerce websites for many years now is that if it doesn’t have an address and phone number listed either at the foot of the landing page or on the ‘Contact Us’ section, it should be a red flag about their legitimacy. The same will apply for the websites of Canadian Pharmacies that serve US customers. There are other indicators you can look for too. Of course, one of the more telltale signs of a shady pharmacy is one where you can have Rx drugs orders filled without a prescription. 

That should always be a BIG red flag. This applies to an online pharmacy in Canada or any other type of International pharmacy. Here are some QUICK, EASY, and reliable ways to identify the legitimacy of Canadian pharmacies. 

Look for Federal Certification 

There are way more than just 72 International Pharmacies in Canada. However, it’s only 72 of them that are CIPA certified as a reputable online pharmacy in Canada. CIPA stands for Canadian International Pharmacy. If any of the Canadian pharmacies you’re looking at isn’t CIPA certified then it’s probably best that you move on in your search for one you can trust! Canada Pharmacy is one of the ones that’s met the criteria for certification, and they’re a very good choice for US customers looking for better prices on Rx drugs. 

So what are the criteria for CIPA certification of pharmacies in Canada. Each one has been validated to be: 

  • Dispensing only through a licensed pharmacy
  • Requiring a written prescription for all Rx prescriptions filled
  • Displaying the company address and phone number on the website
  • Keeping all personal / medical information private between the pharmacy and customer
  • Securing financial information with e-commerce transactions 

Here’s how we can make your check of Canadian Pharmacies even easier. If you have found one and would like to confirm that’s it a quality certified online pharmacy, you can enter the URL (website address) in the search bar here. It will then let you know whether or not it is one of the 72 members. 

Or if you’d prefer to just read through a list of CIPA certified Canadian pharmacies, you can do that here too.

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