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How Much Does Celebrex Cost in the US Compared to Canada?

How much does Celebrex cost in the US compared to Canada?

According to NPR, each year, approximately 2 million Americans use Celebrex to treat arthritis, menstrual cramps, and other aches and pains. However, for those who use this drug regularly, the price can certainly add up. With this in mind, it begs the question: does Celebrex cost less in Canada? Keep reading to learn more about the price comparison and see how you can pay less.


What is Celebrex and Why Does it Matter?

Celebrex is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that reduces pain and inflammation. This drug is a COX-2 inhibitor and uses celecoxib as the active ingredient.

Celebrex is similar to other NSAIDs. However, this medication is gentler on the stomach and reduces GI bleeding as it inhibits only the COX-2 enzymes1.

Recent research has also shown that Celebrex is a safe drug. Contrary to what was expected, as pointed out in an article by CNN, celecoxib does not lead to an increased risk of heart disease. In fact, the research also pointed out that this drug is marginally safer than other pain killers.

For these reasons, Celebrex is a better option than other pain killers for treating chronic pain associated with arthritis.

Read this Celebrex review to learn even more about this drug and how it can help ease arthritis pain.

How Much Does Celebrex Cost in the US Compared to Canada?

Does Celebrex cost less in Canadian pharmacies?

Unlike other drugs on the market, Celebrex isn't the most expensive one with insurance. However, prices have risen in the past few years. According to Medicare data shared in a CBS News article, Celebrex saw a per-prescription price jump of 22% in 2016.

Currently, the average Celebrex cost in US-based pharmacies is around $205.79 per 30 200mg capsules2. However, at Canada Pharmacy, a mail order pharmacy based in Canada, the same dosage would cost only $88.00. That saves patients around 57%!

While insurance and co-payments can reduce the cost of this medication, this is a huge expense for those who don't have the fortune of being covered. As such, a Celebrex coupon would definitely come in handy. However, it may be difficult or tedious to find at times.


Celebrex Cost: What Can I do to Reduce it?

If you don't have insurance or don't qualify for coupons or other programs, finding a cheaper alternative can be hard. However, you can also buy Celebrex online from a Canadian mail-order pharmacy.

Our pharmacy sells Celebrex at a fraction of the price of US pharmacies, as well as other online pharmacies. We also offer a "Lowest Price Guarantee". That means, if you see the same medication elsewhere for less, we'll match the price for you.

To save even more, you can also buy generic Celebrex on our website for $47.40 for 60 100mg capsules, instead of for $75.00 for the brand name version. That saves you an additional 58%!

Furthermore, if you refer a friend to Canada Pharmacy, you will receive a $50 credit on your account for future use when he or she places an order. To top it off, your friend will also receive a $50 credit. It's a win-win for both! Learn more about Canada Pharmacy's referral program now.

Final Word

Celebrex may not be the most expensive drug on the U.S. market; however, it can add up, especially if you aren't covered by insurance

If you can't afford your medications, consider purchasing them from Canada Pharmacy. We have some of the most reasonably priced medications, allowing you to get the care you need, stress-free!

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