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Does Makeup Age Your Skin?

does makeup age your skin

The evolutionary underpinnings of why women wear makeup are in the same park as some of the reasons men enhance their appearances too. Men may not wear lipstick or eyeliner, but they do other things to enhance and make themselves look better to women and the whole world. So, any discussion about women who wear too much makeup needs to be tempered by the fact that men also do a lot of things to change the way they look. They’re just not as over as wearing makeup, but again there’s a lot of anthropologically deep stuff here related to partners, procreation, and the like. But does makeup age your skin?

That’s what we’ll look at with this blog entry, but before we go over does makeup cause aging skin we should go on a little longer about makeup. There is research that overdoing makeup makes a lot of people view women as less intelligent and more likely to enjoy casual sausage, as well as that it makes them more likely to be objectified by men. However, on the other end of the spectrum with this and does makeup age your skin is the fact that this same research study found that women who wore makeup felt that it made them feel smarter and/or more confident. Apparently, this is called the Lipstick Effect.

But whether you wear lipstick or what you enjoy doesn’t have any connection to the question of does makeup age your skin, so let’s turn our focus there now. It’s true that certain ingredients found in cosmetics and skin care products can contribute to the skin aging process and – not surprisingly – they tend to be found in inexpensive cosmetics more often. So, let’s dig into this.

Some, Not All

Does makeup age your skin? Well, some of it can but let’s start here that nothing is going to damage and age your skin quite like UV rays from a sunburn will. So much of that has to do with how the cell damage from sun exposure means your body makes even less collagen than it would with regular aging, and that’s a big part of the problem with why skin starts to look not-so-good when people get older. It’s more of an issue when it’s facial skin we’re talking about, and that’s where women and men wear makeup.

Too much sun exposure without sun protection really is going to be so much worse than any level of makeup use, but interestingly enough with does makeup age your skin is that the worst makeups for skin aging are makeups that contain methylparaben. It is a preservative that is used in cheap cosmetics, moisturizers, and hair care products and it has been proven to be harmful to the skin when the person wearing the cosmetics exposes that area of their face to strong sunlight.

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