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Does Hot Water Help in Digestion?

does water help in digestion

The difference between good digestion and indigestion can be the smallest of things, but once your body stops working like it should with digesting what you eat it becomes apparent very quickly. Constipation is something that everyone experiences from time to time, and there definitely are some combinations of foods that are more likely to make you constipated. But indigestion can be much more than being bunged up, as the expression goes. Some people will ask does water help in digestion, and hot water more specifically.

It's all well that water does wonders for the body, and yes water does help digestion too. More water can promote faster breakdown of foods, and some foods more than others. For people who are looking for targeted indigestion relief for issues like constipation, cramps, or excessive flatulence water can also make stools softer and less dense. The only digestive ailment you’ll want to be more careful about when drinking more water is bloating. That should be for fairly obvious reasons.

As for does hot water help for digestion, the best use for it is with acid reflux treatment but the water should be very warm rather than hot. If you have acid reflux or are looking to treat GERD then you may want to up your intake of warm water overall and if you want to really focus on lowering the acidity in your stomach then you can measure your water to have a pH Level of 7. Stomach acidity is usually around a 1.5-3.5 pH and so adding that higher PH water can neutralize a lot of the acidity that is causing acid reflux for you.

Make Adds

You’ve got your answer for does water help in digestion. If you’re going to drink water of any temperature to aid digestion you will do well if you add to it, and if you like tea then chamomile tea for digestion is an excellent choice. Chamomile has an effect where it relaxes digestive muscles that move food through the intestines. This of course is especially good if you have constipation that’s not related to the foods you’ve eaten.

Making a mix of peppermint oil and caraway oil can be very beneficial for chronic indigestion relief and many people absolutely swear by the enteric-coated tablets that they add to a mug of hot water in the evening to aid digestion. Some people have more of a problem with stomach alkalinity causing indigestion rather than acidity, so the last mention around does water help in digestion is to add some Apple Cider Vinegar in your hot water as it can rebalance your stomach in the same way that an antacid medication would if you have too much stomach acid.

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