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Alzheimer’s Aid and the Exelon Patch Cost

exelon patch cost

It’s quite common for people to have to lean over and quietly ask a friend, family member, or co-worker “what’s their name again?” If you’re one of the people who is ‘good’ with names, you’re in the minority and so you can consider yourself fortunate. Most people aren’t good with names, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a good memory. What is really disappointing though is when you see people suffering from Alzheimer’s who can’t even remember their own family member’s names. It’s a terrible disease, but there are helpful medications that leads to our discussion of the Exelon patch cost.

This is a different type of Alzheimer’s medication, and specifically with the fact that it’s a patch that is applied to the skin and not any type of pill or tablet medication that is taken orally. The patch slowly releases the medication (Rivastigmine) in the right dose, and it makes it very convenient for both the person being treated and their caregivers. As is the case with most medications that can be expensive in America, you may be able to find a better Exelon patch cost when you order medication online from Canada.

The Exelon patch is formulated to take aim at the number one issue that is a problem for Alzheimer’s sufferers, and of course that’s memory loss. It can also be prescribed for Parkinson’s disease patients who have dementia resulting from their condition, but it is much more often prescribed as a skin patch for Alzheimer’s. The advantages of this medication method and Exelon patch cost are clear – there’s no chance of the person receiving an insufficient dose or missing one, and the medication is delivered with a steady, timed release for maximum effectiveness.

It has been shown to improve memory for Alzheimer’s patients, and that’s good thing as there’s reasons why all of us have less in the way of a strong memory as we get older. That’s a part of how the brain changes as we age, and Alzheimer’s patients are then put at a majorly greater disadvantage because of their memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s.

Calming the Storm

One of the analogies that is commonly used to describe Alzheimer’s is that it is a never-ending electrical storm in the brain, with chaotic and mis formed messaging occurring between brain cells with such incredible volume that the brain cannot go through it’s normal thought-process, objectivity, and memory functions the way it would if things weren’t a constant storm up there. For the immediate family members of people suffering from it, the need for an effective Alzheimer’s treatment medication is urgent.

The Exelon Patch checks all the boxes for most of them, and doctors have been quick to acknowledge how effective this Alzheimer’s medication is for people with Alzheimer’s memory loss ranging from mild to severe. For those with mild memory loss, the results can actually be really profound and what is often recommended to go along with it are memory training exercises for people with Alzheimer’s. The medication end of the equation is always going to be important, so again if your Exelon patch cost is overly high you should look for alternatives.

It’s in these situations that people look to the generic equivalents of drugs, and it’s here that you may be best able to get a better Exelon patch 9.5mg price. There is a generic Exelon patch, and we’ve seen increased demand for it here at our pharmacy. You can buy the generic Exelon patch with the same prescription you receive from a physician for branded Exelon, then it’s definitely something to consider.

Alzheimer Treatment Medication Alternatives

Another question that the Exelon patch cost may have you wondering is if a less expensive medication may provide the individual with similar levels of memory improvement for Alzheimer’s patients. Of course, these decisions are only to be made by a doctor and based on his or her expertise, but it may be possible to also use a medication like Aricept. It is like most Alzheimer meds in that it is an oral medication, and it works in the same general way as the Exelon patch by restricting the effect of acetylcholine causing memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients.

One last mention to go along with our discussion of the Exelon patch cost in the USA is that many people believe that fortifying with added fish oil DHA / EPA liquid is a good, inexpensive, and natural way to add to the effectiveness of arthritis medication. These fats are good for better brain function at any age and level of health, so they’ll likely offer an added benefit to Alzheimer’s patients too.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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