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How Do I Get Free Prescriptions in Canada?

free prescriptions in canada

You may have heard the expression that nothing worth having in life comes easy. Although there is no equivalent of that relating to prescription meds, you’ll agree that there are many things you need in life that are free. Love, companionship, air to breathe – the list could go on and on. But if there’s the time and labor of others in whatever it is then it’s not going to be free. You could make the case that applies to love, but let’s not get too philosophical. Rx drugs have a LOT of time, research, and money in them, so if you’re asking how do I get free prescriptions in Canada then here’s the answer we have for you.

A prescription is required for you to get Rx medication from our pharmacy, and that will be the case for any pharmacy anywhere. If you’re ordering medication online from Canada you’ll need to submit your prescription digitally, and if you’re visiting a storefront pharmacy near your home you’ll need to hand the pharmacist or pharmacy assistant your prescription in order to have your medication dispensed for you. It’s a must, but let’s clarify there’s a difference between the prescription meds and the prescription itself.

The prescription is the doctor’s signatory that you can receive the medication based on their professional authority. It is a piece of paper but it has more significance than that. Does a doctor charge you to write the prescription for you? No they won’t, so in that sense the prescription itself is free. But are prescription drugs free in Canada? No they are not and to our understanding they’re not free anywhere in the world.

We can continue to discuss how do I get free prescriptions in Canada here, but let’s take a different tact instead.

Added Affordability

So yes, anyone asking how do I get free prescriptions in Canada is going to be disappointed. Unless they’re talking about the doctor’s note that allows them to have the drugs dispensed to the person before they pay for them. There are instances where a doctor may refuse to write a prescription, but if it’s clear that you genuinely need the medication they will probably write it for you – no charge. So if the writing is your understanding of getting prescriptions then you can be assured with how do I get free prescriptions in Canada.

You have an ailment, a condition, or some other way you’re physically unwell and you visit a doctor or walk-in medical clinic and explain yourself. Then you get the prescription, but that’s only half of the process. You then need to get the prescription filled, and that is going to cost you money. The exception to that will be if your extended health insurance through your employer that will cover all of your medications. That may likely be the case with antibiotics or other temporary-use meds, but if you are on a medication like Levitra for a condition like ED that’s not regarded the same way then you may be paying for it entirely OOP (out of pocket).

Now of course sexual health and vitality for me is super important, and let’s be clear that is equally true for women too. But you will need to pay for these medications as the answer to are prescription drugs free in Canada is no. If you find a country that distributes Rx meds for free we’d be keen to know of it. But if affording medication is hard for you then ordering drugs online from Canada Pharmacy may be just the option you need. In the USA you may pay up to $50 for one ED treatment pill, but here in Canada they’ll be more like $20 or so for a pill.

Coupon Casher

Not a whole lot more to say about how do I get free prescriptions in Canada, because if you’re talking about the medications themselves they are not going be free no matter where you live. Sure, there are free prescriptions in Canada if you’re talking about the note your doctor writes for you but as for the medications themselves they will cost money. It’s well understood that prescription medication is often expensive in America, and unfortunately that doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon. There was a White House Executive Order that was to take aim at increasing access to affordable Rx drugs, but that has pretty much gone nowhere.

So if you are still looking into how do I get free prescriptions in Canada, we’ll wrap up this entry by recommending using a coupon to order medication online from Canada and get an even lower price than the already-lower one you’ll find at Canada Pharmacy.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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