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How Are Canadian Pharmacies Rated?

how are canadian pharmacies rated

Anybody ordering anything online is going to want to know whether the provider is reputable. That’s not something you can always determine on your own, and when it comes to online pharmacies consumers rely on seeing that the pharmacy has some type of accreditation or something similar. The fact it is medication and connected to healthcare adds to the importance of all of this, and especially considering that so many people are ordering medication online from Canada these days. So how are Canadian pharmacies rated, and what goes into Canadian pharmacy online ratings?

This is one where we need to start at the beginning, which means determining what rating is given to pharmacies and who has the authority to be rating them like this. Canada is very similar to the USA in the way their federal regulatory body (Health Canada) has strict criteria for pharmacies to be allowed to operate and dispense prescription drugs to patients in the same way the FDA does in America. But this type of adherence is a yes / no type of situation, and there’s nothing from either that indicates which pharmacies – online or otherwise – are better and more reputable than others.

One of the number one concerns people have is around medication quality control varying between pharmacies, and some people associate paying less for Rx drugs with getting medication that’s not as pure, effective, or safe. That’s fair enough, although the good news is that’s extremely rare and there is one primary overseeing agency for online pharmacies in Canada that can give consumers, they peace of mind that they’re looking for.

We’ll introduce now and expand on an answer to how are Canadian pharmacies rated and what goes into Canadian pharmacy online ratings. You’ll be pleased to learn that there’s many online pharmacies in Canada that have ‘made the grade’ and are rated highly after submitting for accreditation.

Ratings by Province

If you are living in the Western United States and in any of the Pacific Coast states of Washington, Oregon, and California then an online pharmacy in BC will be the one that’s best suited to fill your prescription and deliver your lower-priced meds to you. We’re included in that, and in BC the answer to how are Canadian pharmacies rated starts and ends with the IPABC (International Pharmacy Association of BC).

It’s estimated that up to 1 million patients ordering medications from Canadian online pharmacies here each year, and as you might guess many of them older Americans who enjoy less financial stability and often don’t have extended healthcare insurance. The type of insurance that would make prescription drugs more affordable for them. Some of the criteria that pharmacies must meet to be included and ranked are:

  • Requiring a valid and genuine doctor’s prescription
  • Collection, confirmation, and reference of a patient’s demographic and medical information
  • All medications being dispensed by licensed pharmacists who operate on site
  • Full staff procedure guidelines regarding patient privacy and confidentiality

Ratings Country Wide

How are Canadian pharmacies rated? We’ve answered that question with one provincial example, but let’s look at what goes into certifying Canadian online pharmacies as reputable operations. The top regulatory body is regarded as the best for determining if an online pharmacy in Canada is safe and whether it’s a good idea to order from them. The type of people who have these concerns will be those who are ordering medications that they take on an ongoing basis, which may have serious health risks if received in the form of an inferior quality product.

This would definitely apply to erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra and Cialis, but it could also apply to blood pressure and hypertension medication like Bystolic or any number of others too. You will want to know that you’re getting quality genuine branded or generic medication, and more generally you want to look past myths and be assured it is safe to order from online pharmacies in Canada. There are only 64 online pharmacies in Canada that have earned ratings and rankings with this regulatory body, and all of them will have demonstrated that they are:

  • Dispensing through a licensed pharmacy
  • Requiring a genuine prescription written by a licensed doctor before dispensing medication
  • Providing the company address and phone number on the website
  • Ensuring protection of privacy of personal or medical information
  • Protecting financial information in the same way

These are the basics around how Canadian pharmacies are rated, and looking over the 64 pharmacies that are accredited by this regulatory body is a reliable way for would-be customers to review Canadian pharmacy online ratings.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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