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How Long Does Heat Exhaustion Last

how long does heat exhaustion last

It gets darn hot in the Valley of the Kings and the temperatures in this part of Egypt are regularly above 104 Fahrenheit and shade is hard to find. A part of reason that the locals wear the jellabiya is that it’s very good for staying as cool as possible in the dry heat, and it’s best to cover up your head in some way too. Heat is effectively lost through the top of your head, so keeping it cooler in very hot weather also goes a long way to not becoming overheated. Sun protection is a consideration too, and some people with blood pressure concerns will want to know how long does heat exhaustion last?

The simple physiology of it is that your body is overheated, and heat exhaustion is not as serious as heatstroke. You likely won’t be in any major danger, but you may have a drop in blood pressure when you’re exerting yourself and this can be an increased risk for people who have hypotension. If your blood pressure is already low and you’re enduring heat exhaustion, then there is a greater chance you might faint because your blood pressure becomes additionally low because of the heat.

So how quickly you’re able to bring your core temperature down is the answer for how long does heat exhaustion lasts. The highest normal body temperature is about 99 F before you start moving into minor heat exhaustion territory if it starts moving up into the 100s. The longer you stay like this, the longer you will be debilitated. This leads to how to treat heat exhaustion.

Speed Cool

Have a fever of more than 104 F and you may have heatstroke rather than heat exhaustion. If you are disoriented too then it is likely heatstroke, while with heat exhaustion you’re more likely to have dizziness along with a headache. Heatstroke may mean the need for medical attention, and in worst case scenarios a seizure is a possibility. But for heat exhaustion you will usually be able to get over it relatively quickly by seeking a cooler spot – either in the shade or indoors with AC – and cooling yourself with water and ice packs or towels soaked. Within 2 hours your symptoms will likely have subsided.

Part of how long does heat exhaustion last can be knowing when to get help if your body doesn’t cool down despite doing this. Heat exhaustion may last longer if you’re using diuretics (water pills) or antihistamines for allergies. Hypertension is the opposite of low blood pressure, and if you’re using beta blocker medications for high blood pressure they can make heat exhaustion worse or last longer too. You’re also going to be more prone to heat exhaustion in the first place if you are overweight.

Your answer for how long does heat exhaustion will last depends on the extent your body core is overheated, and other factors that will be unique to you. But getting into a cooler space and ceasing activity in very hot weather will usually get you to start cooling down.

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