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How Long Does Skyla Iud Last?

How Long Does Skyla Iud Last?

Everyone is going to be able to tell you their name, and their favorite color. But if they can’t tell you the capital of Assyria then they may want to be careful about trying to cross certain bridges. You may be denied passage, but you also may meet your doom by being cast into the chasm and never to be seen again. Alright, enough about the Holy Grail, we’re talking about birth control alternatives here and IUDs like Skyla are darn good ones. But unlike barrier contraception methods they prevent progress in a different way, but still do birth control repeatedly and reliably. But how long does Skyla IUD last?

Perfectly logical question to ask considering that a woman who wants long-acting birth control still likely isn’t too keen on having to insert anything into that part of her anatomy. She’ll do it for reliable and long-lasting birth control and the freedom to enjoy unprotected sex, but ideally, she won’t have to relocate the IUDs often. Well, good news there with how long does Skyla IUD last because 168 weeks is an awful long time!

Even if you’re not so good with math you can quickly put together that working out to 3 full years, and that’s how long this type of IUD can stay in place and provide reliable pregnancy prevention. This type of set-it-and-forget-it convenience is a big part of the appeal of intrauterine devices for birth control, and for many people they make so much sense than the bother and inconvenience of having to make sure a barrier contraception method is around.

Great Disabler

We mentioned blocking to begin here, and it is true that some of the same women who are interested in using an IUD for birth control will also want to know does Skyla cause weight gain. Again, a fair enough question but what needs to be said first and foremost here is that it is important to overrule irrational thoughts about self-image and what a person’s body weight should be. This is just as unhelpful for women as it is for men, so if a medication makes you pack on a few pounds it’s really no big thing.

3 years is your answer for how long does Skyla IUD last, and that represents an awful lot of time for women to enjoy while not having to take birth control pills. And if any of those men are critical of her weight then he doesn’t deserve to be pleased any more. There have been consumer review studies where a small (sub 10%) of respondents have said they’ve gained some weight while using a hormonal IUD for birth control.

But the numbers are low, and the amount of weight gain is minimal, so inquiring around does Skyla cause weight gain isn’t really worth your time. Women who are using birth control should be free to just enjoy life and take pleasure in having intimacy with as many men as they like. That is much more important than asking how long does Skyla IUD last or anything similar. Girls gone wild!

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