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How to Improve Joint Health Naturally

How to Improve Joint Health Naturally

Elbows, knees, and ankles are all bendable because of joints, and that bending is an integral part of movement and ability for every human. You wouldn’t be capable of much without them, and trying to run or jump without knees would be a prime exercise in futility. Fortunately, we’re born with all of our joints and so we continue to move all through our lives. Aging happens, however, and like every other part of your body the joints start to wear out. Joints that are stiff and do not bend so well are problematic, and so the question becomes how to improve joint health naturally.

Wear and tear on your joints are going to happen, but healthy joints are resilient joints and resilient joints are going to much less likely to become stiff and painful as you get older. Healthy and resilient joints usually heal better from a joint injury too and injuries can be the reason not everyone who has joint pain and stiffness has it because they have grown older. Maintaining healthy joints is advisable if you want to stay limber and pain / stiffness free, and that can lead to asking what foods are good for joint health. We’ll look at that here too, and there are a few of them that are easy to get more of in your diet.

Joints that are in ideal health and full of bending ability from maximum mobility are always going to have 3 things in common. They will have heath cartilage and synovium, and lots of synovial fluid to keep the synovium soft and supple for maximum cushioning. We talked about aging above here, one of the things that is also unavoidable as you get older is you will not produce as much of that synovial fluid. So, ways to increase synovial fluid can be a part of how to improve joint health naturally too.

Use or Lose It

Physical exercise may mean sore and stiff joints feel even more stiff and sore, but often that is only temporary. If you want to know how to improve joint health naturally it may be best to choose your favorite way of breaking a sweat. That does not mean needing to go from 0 to 100 and start doing plyometrics or anything similar where knees and ankles get put through their paces in a big way. They are low-impact high intensity workouts that are ideal for people dealing with joint health issues.

As for what foods are good for joint health, you will be a better bender if you get a lot of certain nutrients from the food you eat. They include calcium, Vitamin C, and selenium, and the last thing we’ll mention around how to improve joint health naturally is that people will benefit from drinking more milk and eating yogurt, broccoli, kale, spinach, figs, and collard greens among other foods that are good for healthy joints. And for anyone who is lactose intolerant you can have almond or soy milk instead.

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