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Lower Price for Insulin - Humalog Generic

humalog generic

Most times when you can’t afford something you are able to accept the fact that you’re not able to purchase it. It would be nice if you could, but you can’t. Now when it comes to a diabetic, however, many of them in America really can’t afford their insulin but not buying it and taking it definitely isn’t an option. This can be true of many different medications for people, but the sheer number of diabetics in America makes it the problem it is. Generic medications can be a good choice, and Humalog generic is one for people who have difficulty affording insulin. 

Epi pens are a nice convenience for diabetics as they allow them to administer their daily dose of insulin in a very efficient and relatively simple process. The Humalog epi pen is available in a generic version and Humalog generic is often available for upwards of 40% off of what you’d pay for branded Humalog. While it’s true that there are ways to save money on medications, choosing the generic version of one is nearly always the first and foremost way to take advantage if you can.  

We’ll discuss more about generic medications later here, and the Humalog generic name is the same as the branded medication. It’s not like a medication like Viagra where the generic version has a different name, like Sildenafil is for Viagra in that case. 

Different Diabetes, Different Insulins 

Allowing blood sugar levels to remain high for a prolonged time can lead to serious health risks, and so when a person is diabetic, they’ll very quickly be in the know as to what type of diabetes they have and what they need to do to manage the condition. Humalog generic is again exactly like branded Humalog in that it can be used to treat both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes for adults, or Type 1 diabetes in children aged 3 and up.  

There are fast-acting insulins and intermediate-acting insulins. Generic Humalog insulin is part of the fast-acting group of medications, and what that means is that it’s a ‘mealtime’ insulin. A person with diabetes will take Humalog just before they have a meal because being a fast-acting insulin means it starts working within five and 15 minutes after taking it. If you’re not familiar with how blood sugar levels are raised, it’s because the foods we eat elevate blood sugar levels for everyone, not just diabetics.  

The issue is that for average people they don’t have higher blood sugar levels to begin with, and they’ll have no need for a good insulin. People with prediabetes or diabetes aren’t so fortunate and often eating a meal in the same way everyone does will push their blood sugar up too high. A fast-acting insulin like Humalog generic will counter that effect, and again of course the appeal of the generic version is that it’s not going to cost the person as much. 

Staying Below Seven  

Another aspect of having this condition that diabetics are quickly going to become familiar with is the A1c hemoglobin test. It’s basically the standard for determining whether or not your blood sugar levels are under control. The magic number in that regard is 7, and that’s because a score of 7% blood sugar content or lower indicates that the insulin you’re using is effective. The good news is that Humalog generic is just as effective as branded Humalog and that means that it will reliably lower blood sugar to below seven percent. 

Ask for Humalog generic by name at your pharmacy if this insulin has been similarly effective for you but you’re now finding the branded version of it to be too expensive. And if you are also looking for ways to improve your insulin sensitivity then there are ways of doing that. Dig into this subject and you’ll find that most of them offer even further reaching health benefits too, and the most far reaching of those is to maintain a healthy body weight.  

Good Choices 

Not only will generic Humalog insulin help keep your blood sugar in check, but you’ll also be proactive in seeing to it you experience less of the unpleasant symptoms related to diabetes, including diabetic neuropathy and the pains in your feet you will experience as a result if you develop this condition related to diabetes. 

It’s also best to avoid drinking alcohol in the hours following an injection with Humalog generic. As a general guideline you shouldn’t consume more than 3 servings of alcohol in a day if you are diabetic, and this tends to be a good guideline for everyone - not just diabetics. 

We’ll conclude here by saying that being diagnosed with diabetes is always going to be unwelcome news, all diabetics are thankful that Dr. Banting discovered insulin way back then and that it made the condition very manageable. You certainly have to become ‘okay’ with needles in a hurry, but things could be a lot worse.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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