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Is Canada Cheaper Than USA?

is canada cheaper than usa

The overall cost of living in Canada is high, so Canada is not cheaper than the USA and especially when you also consider that earning capacities are generally lower in Canada. But as it relates to the average prices for prescription medication in the USA, Canada is definitely cheaper and that makes Canadian online pharmacies a real budget saver for Americans who need to fill expensive prescriptions regularly. This is very true for chronic health conditions, and it’s good that people have the option to order medication from Canada online. So is Canada cheaper than USA? Only when it comes to Rx drugs.

The greater strength of the US dollar is a factor too. Although most Canadian online pharmacies like ours here at Canadian pharmacy will list their medications online in US dollars the ability to price the drugs so low makes it so that the savings are still considerable. That leads to why is medicine in Canada cheaper, and one thing that is standard in Canada and not in the USA is putting price controls on prescription drugs in place. Pharma manufacturers and wholesalers may be able to price drugs as high as they like in the USA, but in Canada the federal government works to regulate prescription drug prices.

So, asking is Canada cheaper than USA when it comes to drug prices will be answered in the affirmative, but that doesn’t mean life in Canada is more inexpensive overall. In fact, if you’re living in Vancouver or Toronto the exact opposite may be true. What is fair to say is that living anywhere in North America is expensive and no matter whether you’re in Canada or the United States.

Pharmacy Chain

When you meet a pharmacist at a storefront pharmacy of have your prescription filled online, there’s quite a lot of process that has gone on since that medication was manufactured at one of the big pharma company’s facilities. Both the USA and Canada do an admirable job of making sure medication is safe, but another viewpoint for is Canada cheaper than USA for medications is that in the USA there are many more middlemen in the drug procurement process in the USA than Canada and this longer ‘chain’ also factors into higher drug prices in the USA.

Then there’s also the role of price discrimination in pharma pricing that makes it so that you may pay more for Rx drugs depending on where you live and the sourcing agreements your local pharmacy has in that area of the country. Ordering Rx drugs online gets you past that discrimination and you’ll always be paying the lower price for prescription meds. Is Canada cheaper than USA? It’s not for nearly any consumer product, but when it comes to drugs you will almost always be able to get them for less when you have a prescription filled online from Canada.

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