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Is Vaginal Discharge Normal During Pregnancy

Is Vaginal Discharge Normal During Pregnancy

The expectation of what’s to come is a big part of why a woman is so full of positive anticipation during those 9 months. However, there are more than a few unpleasantries that go along with carrying a baby and then bringing them into the world. The majority of women who’ve become mothers will readily agree with that, but of course they will also say every one of them is well worth it when they consider how much joy their children have brought into their lives. Those who are pregnant for the first time may be inclined to ask is vaginal discharge normal during pregnancy. That’s what we will discuss here with this entry.

We can start by saying that yes, it is normal, and most women will experience this to some extent. Even in advance of her becoming pregnant a woman will experience a certain type of vaginal discharge every month during her fertile years. And it will be at the time when she’s ovulating most ideally to actually become pregnant, with a discharge that doesn’t have a lot of volume but it distinct with its brownish color and thick consistency. Fittingly enough, a woman’s sex drive is usually higher at this time too and she will also often have stronger cravings for sausages and other types of cured deli meats.

It is fine to accommodate those cravings to an extent but remember that these foods are very high in nitrites that are long-term bad for your health. Plus eating a lot of them will push your dietary sodium levels into the stratosphere. But as far as answering is vaginal discharge normal during pregnancy it is entirely true that discharges are normal, and in large part whether a woman should be concerned about it is based on the color of the discharge.

Consider Colors

Healthy vaginal discharge is called leukorrhea, and the most important point to understand with is vaginal discharge normal during pregnancy is that seeing the thin and clear consistency of the discharge means it is healthy. It also won’t have much odor to it, and women should also know that this health leukorrhea can increase in volume and becoming thicker and pinker in color when the woman is in the final weeks of her pregnancy. If discharge is white and lumpy at any point during the pregnancy though that may be indication of a yeast infection. Something that is very common for women at any time.

Green vaginal discharge can be sign of trichomoniasis or other STI infection, and so there are times when discharge will be abnormal and entirely ready to make a bird fat. The next important consideration for is vaginal discharge normal during pregnancy is that brown discharge can go either way – being a cause for concern or little to no concern at all. Fluid that is brown in color can be a symptom of early pregnancy when old blood is leaving the body. But if the discharge is dark brown then it is best to speak to your doctor about it.

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