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Why Is Left Breast Cancer More Common

Why Is Left Breast Cancer More Common

Ambidexterity means being good with both hands, and it is always going to be advantageous if you can be as good with either the left or the right when you’ve a got a pair. Most people do have two hands, but women and men have a different pair of organs that are exclusive to their gender. For the ladies they’re much more spectacular, and either sex will likely agree on that. But unfortunately, breast cancer is a reality far too often for women, and is the most frequently diagnosed one for women over 50. But why is left breast cancer more common?

There are different theories around why is left breast cancer more common, but one thing that is true for women is that their left is slightly bigger than their right one. This equates to denser tissue, and denser breast tissue increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. The fact so many women do is something of a specter for sure, but the good news is that early detection rates for breast cancer continue to be high in North America.

A part of that may be because many women happily give them breast self-examinations to feel for any small lump that might indicate a tumor. It’s easy to do, and some women like to make it more of an occasion by wearing lingerie and conducting the examination by candlelight. That’s up to you, but the important thing is knowing the importance of screening for breast cancer. And if you are self-examining you will want to know that not all lumps are going to be cancerous.

Baby Goes Right

With most women who develop breast being middle-aged or older it will make sense that those who are mothers most likely had their children early in life. This leads to the next possibility with why is left breast cancer more common, and that’s because of the way that many women will choose to breastfeed with their left breast more often. It’s known that breastfeeding reduces breast cancer risk, and so it’s possible that a woman who’s favored one over the other may develop breast cancer in the other breast.

The last possibility that could apply here is also the one that’s least likely. We talked about ambidexterity at the beginning of this entry, and we’re going to circle back to hands again. Getting cancer in the left breast may happen more often in the rarest of cases if a woman is right-handed to the extent that she is predisposed to always examine using her right hand.

If this means she doesn’t explore with the same thoroughness for her left breast, then she may miss finding an indicator. That possibility is a bit of a stretch, but that is the third one provided for why is left breast cancer more common. And most women will get cancer in one breast or the other, with fewer women being diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer.

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