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Reason for Hope? Moderna is a Potential COVID Vaccine

Reason for Hope? Moderna is a Potential COVID Vaccine

As we get nearer to the end of 2020 it’s true that for a lot of people this year can’t end soon enough. But given that the source of our consternation is a virus that’s still not at all in check, do we actually have reason to be hopeful for 2021? That’s the question now, but it appears that there may be some reason for hope. There are a few potential vaccines for COVID on the horizon, and the one that seems to have the most fanfare for it right now is Moderna.

Like all vaccines, it takes time to test it as thoroughly as needed, and it likely won’t be available until a ways into 2021. But there is reason to be hopeful; preliminary tests have indicated it’s safe for human consumption and it’s said to be 94.5% effective against the COVID virus. However, the real pressing question in America now is whether or not any vaccine that’s approved by the FDA can be made available in the quantities it needs to be; it’s estimated there are over 11 million COVID cases in the US.

To say there’s an urgency to this is definitely an understatement. Despite this one thing we need to keep in mind with a Moderna Covid 19 vaccine or any other is that these are matters you really can’t rush, as much as you might like to. There have been plenty of examples of vaccines gone bad in history, and in some cases the results have been pretty awful.

So how hopeful should we be for Moderna being a potential end to the pandemic? Let’s dig into that here, and talk about why ordering Moderna from Canada may be a welcome option for American healthcare providers in the not-too-distant future.

New Vaccine Technology

Edward Jenner may not be the household name that Louis Pasteur or Jonas Salk are when it comes to microbiologists. However, he’s the first to ever create a vaccine, way back in 1796 for smallpox. Since then vaccines have been made by using some of the virus itself, but that was until recently when a new vaccines technology arrived on the scene.

The Moderna COVID vaccine is an mRNA vaccine, and what makes this type of vaccine different is that it is not made from the virus itself. These vaccines work differently; they contain a piece of genetic code that trains the immune system to recognize the spiked protein on the surface of the virus. Once it does that with the COVID virus, Moderna works by promoting protein fragments to spur the immune system and produce antibodies that will protect against a virus thriving and multiplying once it enters the body.

If you’ve been watching the news regularly these days, you likely already know who epidemiologists are and what they do. If not, here it is straight from Wiki – they study the occurrence of disease or other health-related conditions, states, or events in specified populations.

And the good news is that epidemiologists all around the world are quite enthused about the potential of Moderna as an effective and safe COVID vaccine. What they are likely not so pleased about is reports that increasing numbers of people who won’t take a COVID vaccine, even if it’s made available to them.

That has the potential to be a problem, but of course you can’t force people to do something. Even if it is the interest of the common good.

20 Million on the Way

The Moderna vaccine hasn’t been fully green-lighted yet, but we can safely assume that US FDA is going to be plenty eager to approve it for countrywide distribution as soon as they can do that. 20 million doses are expected to be made available to the USA by year’s end, and 50 million doses globally. The pharmaceutical manufacturer has been very diligent and responsible with their preliminary tests with the Moderna vaccine.

High risk and elderly people factored prominently in the trials, as well as people of different ethnicities. One thing about Moderna that may be a little bit problematic in comparison to other potential vaccines for COVID is that it requires the person to have TWO injections, not just one. And they need to be given at specific intervals.

Another important point for the Moderna vaccine is that it appears to be more reliably stored and transported. Given how quickly and extensively any proven effective COVID vaccine is going to have to be rolled out across the country, that’s potentially going to be a big advantage. All vaccines need to be stored cold, but Moderna is a little bit different there. Once thawed, its doses can last longer in a refrigerator than other vaccines, up to 30 days.

Meds from Canada

As mentioned, it may eventually be possible to get Moderna from Canada, although that will not likely be any time early next year as the initial stocks of this potential COVID vaccine are going to be going to federal and State health authorities. Ordering medication from Canada is an increasingly good alternative for Americans who struggle to afford their prescription drugs, however.

It’s also something that may be more realistic for Americans following a recent White House executive order that intends to make access to more affordable medication a reality for people in the US. Will this apply to Moderna? Only time will tell, and let’s wait and see if this is actually an effective COVID vaccine first.

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