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Finding the Most Reliable Pharmacy in Canada

most reliable pharmacy in canada

Some people are natural skeptics, and there’s others who think similarly that going with what you know and trust is best. They might be fine with ordering clothes online, but when it comes to getting their medication there’s plenty of them who will be apprehensive about ordering from a Canadian online pharmacy. It’s okay to not be easily convinced, but anyone with doubts or reservations about Canada Pharmacy or any of the other 63 CIPA certified online pharmacies in Canada can put them aside. Same goes for asking what is the most reliable pharmacy in Canada? We’re one, and there’s 62 others.

We feel confident in saying that because in order to be certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association a pharmacy needs to make a few things indisputable. The first and foremost two are they are dispensing through a licensed pharmacy, and that a valid prescription is required for all Rx orders. There are others as well, but the fact that there’s 62 online pharmacies in Canada that have met the requirements just like we have means there isn’t just one reliable Canadian pharmacy. That’s the truth of what is the most reliable pharmacy in Canada.

What is the case is that there are way too many medications that are super pricey in the USA, and especially if people don’t have any type of a co-pay arrangement. Plus, it seems like every year fewer and fewer medications are included under Medicare Part D. Good things that Canadians and Americans get along so well as neighbors, and if you think about it the only time that’s not true is when their national teams are playing ice hockey on the international stage. USA hockey has made huge progress over the last 2 decades, and both countries put together powerhouse teams now.

Back to topic though, and what is the most reliable pharmacy in Canada. Let’s change the title to what makes them the most reliable pharmacies in Canada. As again, there’s not just one.


Sometimes one thing is just a carbon copy of the other, and when it comes to Health Canada and the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) they really do mirror each other and the same regulatory agency in pretty much any 1st world country. The risk from misuse of Rx drugs is well known, so the agencies do the best they can to ensure that medication is always dispensed safely and responsibly. So, what you can take away from this if you’re wondering about what is the most reliable pharmacy in Canada is that drugs are just as safely controlled and regulated in Canada as the US.

Along with that it’s also true that the quality and purity of the medication is the same. If you order a branded medication from Canada, you’ll get the same product you would in the USA. Same goes for ordering generic drugs from Canada. The only thing is that the Rx packaging may be different, but you’ll be receiving the exact same medication as in the USA. Next up for reliable pharmacies in Canada is this – most online ones here are going to have a customer care policy that ensures:

  • A lowest price guarantee
  • Appropriate product selection
  • First-rate customer service

Along with that safety and quality assurance that comes from when you have your Rx order checked and verified by a licensed pharmacist before they fill the order in the licensed pharmacy here and then ship it to you in the USA.

Safe Payment Guarantees Too

The next discussion point around what is the most reliable pharmacy in Canada is something everyone will have an interest in unless you’ll be mailing a cheque for your payment. Nobody does that anymore of course, but with the convenience of making digital payments comes the concern over security and the risk of financial information being stolen. Web payment security has come a long way over the last decade plus and the way SSL certificates work to encrypt the data being transferred means that you can shop safely at a Canadian online pharmacy.

You don’t need to have concerns with making your payment through a Canadian online pharmacy, and keep in mind too that proving you offer safe and secure transactions is also part of what is needed to be a CIPA-certified online pharmacy in Canada. That’s going to be part of the appeal to go along with paying less for medications, and it definitely factors into what is the most reliable pharmacy in Canada. It’s great if you choose Canada Pharmacy, but you are always free to look at other pharmacies in Canada that ship to USA.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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