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Better Narcan Cost for Overdose Prevention Kits

narcan cost

These are trying times, and a little bit lost in the all the craziness of the global COVID pandemic is the fact that many recreational drugs are a LOT more lethal than they used to be. Are drugs bad? Most of them are and contaminated with fentanyl which may cause a person to overdose. This is all you should avoid doing in the first place. However, it’s true that the power of addiction is often much more powerful than a individual’s willpower. Narcan is a good overdose prevention medication, and you can get a better Narcan cost when you order medication online from Canada.

Overdose is so far reaching now that many public health officers and people working in outreach programs carry supply of Narcan or Naloxone in their kits. This is done to be able to pull people out of an overdose if they encounter them after the person has ingested tainted drugs. This type of work is not for the squeamish or easily intimidated, so we tip our hats to emergency responders who do this very necessary type of work and may be looking for a lower Narcan cost themselves.

But where this will be most helpful is for households where there’s a family member who is drug user at risk of overdosing. Narcan is Naloxone, and the good thing about Narcan nasal spray is it doesn’t require the person to get an injection. The person who is at risk of overdosing inhales the medication when you administer it to them, and for a lot of people that’s going to preferable to having to give someone an injection in such a disturbing and stressful situation.

And it’s pretty easy to recognize that witnessing an opioid overdose could be disturbing. So, while we hope you never have to use Narcan, here are signs of an opioid overdose. This is important information to know, especially as so many people who are using opioids may have done very well in keeping it from their family.

Let’s switch now to discussing how Narcan works and why getting a lower Narcan cost is definitely something you want to consider.

For the Everyday Rescuer

The biggest part of the appeal for Narcan nasal spray is that it’s designed to be an overdose reversal medication that a person with no medical training or understanding of overdose prevention techniques can still make use of and administer. All that’s required is to break the package open and hold the applicator tip up and into the affected person’s nostril. You then press the plunger to dispense the medication.

They inhale the overdose reversal medication contained in it, and that prevents their body from shutting down due to the powerful narcotics. Narcan works by blocking opioid receptors so that the amount of fentanyl or other type of opioid narcotic arriving in the central nervous system is mediated, and that prevents catastrophic impacts – which includes preventing the heart from stopping. But it’s important to understand that this blocking only occurs temporarily, and that’s why in addition to getting a better Narcan cost you also need to know that you still need to get the person to the hospital as soon as possible.

Narcan will prevent an overdose for up to 120 minutes (2 hours), or it can only be effective in this way for as little as 30 minutes. You’re not going to be able to predict that when you’re using medication to prevent an overdose, so after administering Narcan you need to get the person in front of a doctor as soon as possible.

Who’s Most at Risk?

We mentioned it briefly but it’s just so true that a person can be a drug user and not have any type of visible indicator that they are using drugs. Quite often when drug use has been going on for a long time THEN the person will be showing signs of their use. But the problem with opioid overdose is all it takes is one batch of contaminated product and sometimes it’s the first few times a person uses that they overdose.

With this understood, it’s good to know the types of people who are more at risk of overdosing on drugs:

  • People taking prescription opioids (such as oxycodone or fentanyl), and taking them in higher doses
  • Anyone taking opioids in combination with other substances - alcohol and benzodiazepine sleep medications like Ativan, Xanax, and Valium in particular
  • People with medical conditions such as depression, HIV, or lung and liver disease
  • People living in the same home as others who are regularly in possession of opioids

This is definitely a topic that we can go on much longer about, but instead we’ll leave it here and just remind one more time that you can get a lower Narcan cost when you order medication from Canada Pharmacy. It’s a good idea to have Narcan much more readily available in homes and workplaces nowadays.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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