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Why Aren't I Losing Weight with Wegovy?

Why Aren't I Losing Weight with Wegovy?

Seems like everyone knows someone who is keen to slim down as fast as possible. If they aim to do that with weight loss injections, they need to understand that simply taking them and waiting for the weight to come off may well leave them disappointed. Semaglutide is the active ingredient in Wegovy, and you can now get Wegovy in Canada. It can promote weight loss, but it is not a guarantee. Those asking why am I not losing weight on Wegovy likely haven’t made the needed changes to their diet or engaged in more calorie-burning exercise.

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It is true that hunger and food cravings often go hand in hand, but it does not have to be that way and it really should not be. People will always prefer certain foods over others, and their brain is wired for that. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone in the body that signals when nourishment is required, but unfortunately it does not compel you to eat healthily. That is your decision to make, and so your dietary choices are front, and center behind why am I not losing weight on Wegovy.  

We can expand that by taking a look at the workings of a Wegovy weight loss injection. Ghrelin is not the only hunger hormone at work in the body. GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) is another one and this is the one Semaglutide sets its sights on. When that works effectively users feel less compelled to eat. Wegovy promotes weight loss by regulating your appetite and causing you to eat less. However, for some people powerful sugar cravings are their reality and that may even quality as a sugar addiction.  

Out of Whack 

This is noteworthy in any discussion around why am I not losing weight on Wegovy. Even plenty of people who are eating lighter and exercising more may still be sabotaging their weight loss aims by eating scads of sugary foods. Highly processed foods can be culprits here too, and some will seem passable based on the nutritional label but the additives in them cause major imbalances in your body’s hormones. This may also decrease your ability to lose weight with Saxenda.  

Why am I not losing weight on Wegovy? Food addictions or supposed healthier food choices that are not so healthy may be where you need to put your focus. A Wegovy weight loss injection may mean you feel less of the compulsion to eat so often, and that is what will happen if the medication i working as it is intended to. But if you are not eating well when you do eat it is very possible, you are not going to be shedding a whole lot of weight or tackling obesity effectively.  

The way different people have different metabolic rates is going to be a factor too, and people with slower metabolisms may not lose as much weight on Wegovy.  

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