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Can You Order Marijuana Online From Canadian Pharmacies?

Can You Order Marijuana Online From Canadian Pharmacies?

Most of you will already be aware of it, but since October 17th, 2018 recreational marijuana has been legal in Canada. The freedom to possess restricted amounts of it is appealing to both recreational and medicinal marijuana users in Canada. But, it’s fair to say that the shift in public perception and new legislation is a greater triumph for those who benefit from the therapeutic benefits of marijuana.

So, while many medical marijuana users know they can order marijuana online, some may be wondering if they can order marijuana from a pharmacy. The good news keeps coming – as you can order medical marijuana from pharmacy websites. As you might expect, however, it’s not going to be as simple as adding cannabis to your cart, checking out, and waiting for your cannabis to arrive at your door.

You can order medical marijuana online from a pharmacy, but you should understand the clear distinction between the legislation of recreational and medical cannabis. What we’ll do here is explain how you can order marijuana from a pharmacy in Canada, and do the same for CBD.

What’s Changed with Ability to Order Marijuana Online from a Pharmacy

Shoppers Drug Mart was the first major pharmacy in Canada to receive a medical marijuana license to sell cannabis. Industry insiders believe this is only the beginning of where the medical cannabis industry is going. This is because the regulatory body overseeing medical cannabis sales in Canada has stated that it’s open to the idea of making medical cannabis available to patients directly through all pharmacies.

However, this will require agreement on the part of other key players that join Health Canada in having some sway of influence. The only way to currently purchase medical marijuana legally in Canada is from licensed producers or sellers, either at a retail storefront or by registered mail.  

Any changes to these regulatory guidelines shouldn’t be expected anytime before next year at the earliest. These actions would require support from provinces and territories, as well as provincial regulatory authorities and the pharmacies themselves.

For those involved in the cannabis industry and hoping to order marijuana from a pharmacy, these changes in regulation can’t come soon enough. Canada’s medicinal cannabis market could use the stimulus; it’s had slow quarterly growth of patient registrants since late 2016, and an increased growth of registered, legitimate patients could boost medical marijuana sales nationwide.

It is important to keep in mind that when you order marijuana or CBD oil from a pharmacy, you will only be able to buy in Canada. You won’t be able to order medical marijuana from a pharmacy and have it delivered out of country, and that’s true even if it’s also legal in its intended destination as is the case with certain states in the United States of America.

Facts on Marijuana Legalization in Canada

Why was marijuana legalized in Canada? Well, for starters it’s been a change that has been a long time coming. This is due to the increasing scientific evidence that cannabis use is not particularly dangerous or harmful in comparison to other drugs also classified as narcotics. Experts on drugs and substance use increasingly agreed that moderate use of marijuana poses no serious health risks.

Taking away from the profits made by the black market and criminal elements is a part of this too, as is the fact that legalizing cannabis expected to create an industry worth more than $4 billion in Canada.

However, the Federal government is taking steps to ensure marijuana is kept out of the hands of underage people, and as mentioned it will make it impossible for them to order marijuana from pharmacy. Also, the government is taking prudent measures to inhibit marijuana-related crime and ensure that drivers do not operate motor vehicles while impaired by marijuana use.

While anyone can order medical marijuana from a pharmacy, it is not far fetched to imagine that in the future any type of criminal conviction related to cannabis could limit your ability to use it for either medicinal or recreational purposes.

Then there is the importance of responsible use – never drive your vehicle under the influence of cannabis, and it is also inadvisable to use power tools or to use open flame sources in your home.

Drivers who are caught driving under the influence of marijuana may face fines or prosecution resulting in jail or prison time.

Who can buy marijuana in Canada, including order marijuana from a pharmacy? Adults over the age of 19 in every Province in the country except Alberta and Quebec, where the age is 18. Minors will not be able to order medical marijuana from a pharmacy, and don’t expect you’ll be able to do so without verifying your age.

Where can I buy recreational marijuana or medical marijuana in Canada? It will not be sold in the same storefront outlets where alcohol or tobacco are sold. Currently the arrangement is that some provinces are operating government-run storefronts, while in some Provinces the only option is to order marijuana online in Canada from their exclusive Provincial online supplier.

Can I travel to and from Canada internationally with marijuana? While you can travel domestically within Canada while in possession of cannabis, you can not travel internationally with it under any circumstances and it is very important to be explicitly clear in your understanding of this. Also, it is important to know that you can NOT fly to any of the States in America where marijuana is legalized and think that you can bring cannabis with you for that reason. If you do so, it is very likely that you will be prosecuted.

It should be mentioned here as well that different provinces in Canada have different laws related to possession allowances and other specifics that you should be aware of if travelling within Canada with marijuana.

For anyone with a previous criminal conviction for possession of cannabis, you will be happy to know that this will not affect your ability to order marijuana from a pharmacy. And it’s also been reported that authorities are going to pardon Canadians who have prior convictions for possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana.

There are also packaging regulations in place by Health Canada, and you will quickly notice this when your order medical marijuana online from a pharmacy. Packages must be child-resistant and feature a health warning that features a standard THC symbol inside a red stop sign. They must also be odour-proof.

International Visitor Considerations

Visitors in Canada whose home country is either Korea, Japan, or China should be very cautious about using cannabis. This includes anyone thinking to order marijuana from a pharmacy. The Korea Customs Services has issued an explicit warning to Koreans visiting or living in Canada that if they could face criminal charges in Korea if authorities can prove they used cannabis in Canada.

The same is true for China and Japan. So, in conclusion we’ll say that it is important to know if the legislation in your own country applies to the country that you're visiting. It's advisable to check this before using cannabis in Canada.

If you’d like order marijuana from a pharmacy, you’re free to do so but it may be something that you’ll want to reconsider if you may face repercussions when you return home.

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