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Ozempic Babies': How Weight Loss Drugs Can Interfere

Ozempic Babies': How Weight Loss Drugs Can Interfere

There is no medication in the world that has more fanfare around it right now than Ozempic, and Mounjaro and Wegovy come in a close 2nd and 3rd. That is because these medications have the potential to promote weight loss. We stress the word potential there because it is never a guarantee you are going to lose weight with a Type 2 diabetes medication like these ones. Likewise, you are not guaranteed to get pregnant if you are using Ozempic either. That may sound like a wild redirection here, but maybe you have already heard of Ozempic babies.

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A prescription medication infant may sound totally absurd to a lot of you but let us explain what is going on here. All sorts of Rx medications have off-label uses, and weight loss is just that for Ozempic, Mounjaro, Wegovy, and Zepbound. But now it appears that there is a connection between Ozempic and fertility too. Ozempic may help women become pregnant, and that can happen based on two separate physiological happenings that occur when Semaglutide is in the body.  

So that is where we are going with this discussion around Ozempic babies, and what is interesting is that if and when Ozempic and pregnancy come together then it will be one of two scenarios for the woman; and unexpectedly unpleasant surprise, or an unexpected surprise that is one that couldn’t be any more welcome. But independent of how that news is received there is no debating that Ozempic can help you get pregnant.  

9 Months Later 

Ozempic babies may be a cute colloquial way to frame this phenomenon, but there are 2 specific ways the medication can promote conception. The first is related to the Semaglutide alters the digestive process and causes the person’s stomach to empty more slowly. The term for that is gastroparesis, and it is a key part of how Ozempic causes weight loss. That is definitely a plus, but if a woman is taking birth control medications, then gastroparesis may mean it is not being absorbed properly through the gut lining.  

As such she may become pregnant even though she is on Ozempic and birth control at the same time. That will come as a shock if so, and she will need to make some major decisions with her husband or partner. Continuing with Ozempic babies, the next possible way for this to work out with Ozempic and pregnancy is related to women having body processed normalize because of weight loss.  

Losing weight improves metabolic health, and this promotes a restoration of ovarian function. Women with high BMI (body mass index) numbers may be limited with legitimate wardrobe choices, but they also don’t ovulate optimally and that is a much bigger deal if they have fertility challenges.  

Losing weight means they start to have more regular menses and ovulation, and when this essential part of the reproductive process is restored, it clears that pathway for women to become pregnant because of Ozempic. And in these instances, having Ozempic babies is going to be a wonderful realization for them, but you should never take too much Ozempic hoping to make that happen. 

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