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Partner with Pharmacy Experts

Partner with Pharmacy Experts

There’s everything to admire about those with aspirations, and in business it’s also fair to say that if you don’t aim high then maybe you shouldn’t bother to aim at all. Take that as you may, but if you’re a smaller-scale online pharmacy and you’re aiming high to becoming a bigger one that can meet demand then you should consider becoming a partner healthcare pharmacy with Canada Pharmacy. We created our partner pharmacy program here simply because we could, and more to the point, we have the means of doing so.  

That is because our Canadian online pharmacy is well established and what we’ve built over the course of 20+ years has the solidity to it that allows us to greatly expand the scope of operations for pharmacies choosing to partner with us. Take a look at the $15 million in Rx sales and our longstanding membership in the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia. We know this business well, we have the right infrastructure in place, and we’re keen to establish mutually beneficial working relationships. 

But more importantly as it relates to your choice to partner with pharmacy experts, we have the means to offer the lowest wholesale costs for medications and are constantly reevaluating our resource utilization to source Rx medications and dispense them at lower costs. Coming on board as a partner healthcare pharmacy you immediately tap into these resources and Canada Pharmacy serves as your central fill pharmacy. Your growth is then facilitated by what we’ve established as an online pharmacy, and that growth is expedited. 

Proven Means 

Interested decision makers will likely find that this sounds intriguing and will like growing a small online pharmacy more quickly. But it’s natural that you may want to have a deeper explanation of just how we’re able to accommodate you as a partner healthcare pharmacy when functioning as a central fill pharmacy. We’re happy to provide one for you, and it has everything to do with our Advanced Pharmacy Management System (PMS) with automated high-throughput dispensing technology.  

This is what gives our Canadian online pharmacy the ability to handle the volume of business we do, and meeting demand as so many Americans look to Canada for reliable online pharmacies. That same growing demand can be channeled to your door as a partner healthcare pharmacy, and Canada Pharmacy has the means of helping you build yourself towards that when you partner with pharmacy experts like us.  

Let’s leave it there for now, but we encourage any management group who is interested in becoming a partner healthcare pharmacy to contact us at marketing@canadapharmacy.com to talk about this in more detail and move forward. We know the demand for Rx meds from Canada is only going to grow in the foreseeable future and this is what makes partnering with us an excellent opportunity.   

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