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Patanol Drops for Effective Allergy Relief for Eyes

patanol drops

If you’re a person who’s had the misfortune of being born with seasonal allergies, then the harsh reality is that you’ve got them for life. You can lessen the severity of allergic attacks every spring by using antihistamines and the like. When it comes to allergy symptoms in the eyes, it’s much the same. Even if you could keep your eyelids shut all day long, that wouldn’t be a solid long-term solution to remedy and stop the itching, redness, and watering because it’s your immune system at work. Fortunately, Patanol drops work exceptionally well in providing relief from those symptoms.

This allergy medication for eyes treats allergic conjunctivitis, which is the clinical name for the experience of having your eyes being red, watering and intolerably itchy. For a lot of people it’s the itchiness that is the worst, and you quickly come to learn that rubbing your eyes works out for a short period of relief followed by even more severe itchiness. So long story short, don’t rub your eyes if they’re itchy from allergies and use Patanol eye drops instead. This goes along with common precautions like avoiding deliberate exposure to the allergens themselves.

Like, for example, cutting the grass in early June or setting up your picnic blanket next to a crop of Scotch Broom. You get the idea.

Also not a good idea to take issue with your immune system either. Yes, it’s going haywire based on a false alarm and will ALL the time, but really you wouldn’t want it to be any less responsive or on guard when it comes to defending against foreign microscopic matter making their way into your body. In fact, there are many times your immune system will have served you very well in vanquishing invaders without you even knowing it. And if it’s not working as well as you’d like, there’s new evidence showing that eating oatmeal can strengthen your immune system.

Mast Cell Salvation

Patanol Drops work in one very specific way, and that’s taking the histamines generated by your immune system and preventing them from reaching their intended destination. And that intended destination is the mast cells that are found in the back of each eyeball. We won’t get into too much detail about them, but they’re white blood cells that do a whole lot of signalling – up to 200 different command signals can be sent out from the mast cells.

In some cases where the mast cells are already compromised due to allergic conjunctivitis which may have caused excessive swelling of the eye, and in these cases a medication like Alrex eye drops may be needed to go along with antihistamine use or Patanol drops. If the person does not experience inflammation and swelling along with standard allergy symptoms in the eyes then pairing a product like Claritin or Aerius with Patanol drops will usually provide sufficient relief.

Pazeo and Pataday are other brand names for eye allergy relief products that are the same formulation as Patanol eye drops, and so you can freely switch between them if one is available more readily or at a better price than the other one. And as is the case with most prescription eye allergy drops you may find that better price on them when you order medication online from Canada. Something to consider if come springtime you’re in need of relief using Patanol drops!

Improved Sleep for Better Allergy Resistance

We’ve gone to some lengths here to make it clear that you want your immune system running at full roar, even if that means you get your seasonal allergies just as fiercely as ever year in and out. But one thing that you might not know is that a compromised immune system may mean you develop other degenerative health conditions because of your allergies. There’s a lot of different factors that go into a strong immune system, but one of them is optimizing the time you spend deep in slumber every night.

There are emerging reasons to believe that sleep is a primary key to a stronger immune system, and that’s going to offer benefits to you that extend far beyond allergy relief and the role of Patanol drops in achieving that. One example of what can happen if the immune system does not respond to allergens fully effectively is that the person may become more prone to infections such as pink eye.

So, although the symptomatic response may be frustrating, embrace your fully functioning immune system, and help relieve your eye-related allergy symptoms with Patanol eye drops.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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