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Why Are Prescription Drugs So Much Cheaper in Canada

prescription drugs much cheaper canada

Prescription drugs are cheaper in Canada because there are price controls put in place by the government in Canada, and these same types of control are not used by the US government to cap Rx drug prices the same way. There are other factors behind the price of prescription medication here and why drugs cost less in Canada. There are fewer middlemen in the pharma industry in Canada, and the increased numbers of them in the USA add to the cost of drugs before you pay for them at the pharmacy. Legal protection for the pharma manufacturers is rolled into medication costs too, and these manufacturers also spend a lot of money on direct-to-consumer advertising.

There is also something called price discrimination affecting Rx drug prices in America, and it’s also a part of why are prescription drugs so much cheaper in Canada. The pharmaceutical manufacturers will sell their drugs to pharma wholesalers at different prices depending on different variables, including what they foresee customers in that area being able to pay for their medications. It is more complicated than that but it is a reflection of how free market capitalism is king in the USA. It is less so in Canada, with at least some degree of socialism mixed into it.

The important takeaway for US residents who can’t afford prescription drugs is that ordering medication online from Canada is the best way to address the problem of why are prescription drugs so much cheaper in Canada. Medication isn’t likely to become less expensive anytime soon, although there was recent news of US President Sleepy Joe signing an executive order to explore more ways to lower the price of prescription drugs and so let’s all hope that something comes of that for cheap prescription drugs.

Role of Living Standard

It’s interesting to note that the different levels for standard of living play in the 2 countries play a role too. It is also a contributor to why are prescription drugs so much cheaper in Canada, but some people are going to wonder how it’s possible that is a contributing factor. Americans have higher incomes and are the belief for big pharma is that they are less sensitive to higher drug prices because of that. There’s likely little truth to that if any but read any long form piece of content about why are prescription drugs so much cheaper in Canada and you’ll probably see this mentioned.

Ordering generic medication online from Canada is even more advisable, and the way generics work is also part of why drugs are more expensive in America. Pharma manufacturers can keep their patent on new Rx medications for 5 years and only after that time a generic equivalent may become available to help Americans save money on prescription medication.

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