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What is the Price Difference Between Ozempic and Trulicity

What is the Price Difference Between Ozempic and Trulicity

Diabetes doesn’t differentiate between a dingbat and a dufus when it comes to who is going to be at risk because of unchecked high blood sugar. If you are prediabetic your doctor is going to see the remnants of powdered donuts all over, you and say that lowering your blood sugar is something that you now need to take much more seriously. These days diabetes injections are common and Trulicity is one of them. Ozempic is another but more known for weight loss. So, what is the price difference between Ozempic and Trulicity?

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It's quite a considerable amount. Part of the reason the price for Ozempic is so high is because the demand is so high and that means the medication is expensive too. Trulicity doesn’t have the hype around it for weight loss the same way, so diabetics who don’t have so much of a problem with their midsection can probably get a prescription for Trulicity much more easily than they would one for Ozempic. But if it is how much is Trulicity for weight loss that you’re hoping to determine then you may still be a little stunned with what it costs.

That’s because for of the 0.5mg/1.5ml Trulicity pens are going to cost you about $850USD is you are paying for the medication entirely OOP (out-of-pocket). That is going to be the scenario for a lot of Americans who have already received their prescription, but looking at what is the price difference between Ozempic and Trulicity presents a daunting prospect. Both are very pricey, and very few people can afford to be entirely indifferent to spending so much money on anything.

200 Smackeroos

So, let us get right to the comparison with what is the price difference between Ozempic and Trulicity. You are looking at about $200 more for Ozempic at that same 4-pen count, and Ozempic may even be as high as $1200 for 4 pens at some pharmacies. Most extended healthcare plans will not cover Ozempic, but you may have more luck there if you genuinely are a Type 3 diabetic and you are realizing ‘I can’t afford my medication’.

When you expand that to represent $13K a year for medication it is perfectly understandable if most people can’t afford that. Weighing what is the price difference between Ozempic and Trulicity we can say that we are talking about between 2 and 3 hundred dollars more if you are taking Ozempic rather than Trulicity.

That is a good chunk of change as the expression goes, and anyone who finds it is simply too much to even contemplate is encouraged to have their prescription filled here and pay less for it when ordering Trulicity from Canada. There’s hundreds of dollars in savings to be had on those same 4 pens, and the savings are even clearer when you remember than Trulicity is a 1x-per week injection just like Ozempic is.

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