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South Park: The End of Obesity

South Park: The End of Obesity

People watch animated sitcoms on TV to have a laugh, and there has not been one that strays as close to the edge of inappropriateness in recent years quite like South Park. Everyone will know the show and the characters who live in the fictional Colorado town that forms the backdrop for this wildly popular adult cartoon show. Obesity is not a laughing matter, but it becomes one in a new episode called South Park: The End of Obesity coming out on Paramount + that pokes fun at the Ozempic craze in America.

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In the same way everyone will have heard of South Park, they will also know of Ozempic too. It is the most in-demand weight loss injection in the world, and a big part of why Matt Stone and Trey Parker chose to work it into a new episode of the show is because of how Ozempic is popular for celebrity weight loss, with more than a few Hollywood celebrities being highlighted as people who have used Ozempic. It seems like the medication is a hot topic of discussion all over the place and now South Park Ozempic is one too. 

The characters in South Park are all school-age children, and each of them has a very distinct personality and demeanor. None of them has it worse than Kenny, who seems to die in nearly every episode, but Eric Cartman is the one who is obese and in such shape because of his inability to resist cravings to overeat and eat unhealthily. He is an abrasive kid, and the way he is overly accommodated by his single mother does not help matters. This is why Cartman’s weight issues are central to the South Park Ozempic episode.  

Doctor’s Orders 

Ozempic is a prescription weight loss injection, and as you would guess there have been thousands of doctors across America writing prescriptions for it over the last 3 years. In the South Park Ozempic episode, it is Cartman’s doctor who suggests that Eric start taking Semaglutide injections as a way of getting a healthier body weight. Cartman is quite keen to get a quick fix for anything, but what happens here in the show is that he is denied access to the medication. 

Eric is always quick to anger, and so when it becomes clear he is not allowed to have his magic bullet for weight loss he gets quite upset. His friends Stan, Kyle, and Kenny jump into action to right this wrong and see to it that Cartman gets Ozempic. With that you are set up with the basic plot for the South Park Ozempic episode and how it will play out. No mention of the cost for Ozempic in South Park though. 

OG fans of the show started watching it more than 20 years ago, so some of them might have weight gain issues themselves and it is possible they have considered starting on Ozempic too. The South Park Ozempic episode may be perfect to see chubbiness in a funnier light, and if so, they should check Paramount + to see when they will be able to watch South Park: The End of Obesity.  

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