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The 5 Best Active Sitting Chairs to Improve Your Health!

The 5 Best Active Sitting Chairs to Improve Your Health! You’ve probably already heard the news—sitting is the new smoking. In light of the long-term negative consequences of sitting for long periods, active sitting chairs are becoming more popular. Aside from expensive standing desks, active sitting chairs are some of the healthier (and more affordable) alternatives to sitting sedentarily in your office chair. Unlike regular chairs, active sitting chairs keep your muscles engaged and help you work on your posture. According to fitness expert Philippe Til, active sitting can “get your blood flowing and can hinder some adverse long-term effects on the joints.” While it doesn’t match regular exercise, active sitting also introduces movement throughout the day. This can help break up stiffness and pain that people commonly experience with sedentary sitting. If you’re looking for the best one for you but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at 5 of the best active sitting chairs in the market.

Top 5 Active Sitting Chairs

  1. Classic Balance Ball Chair by Gaiam
Active sitting chairs by Gaiam

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair” photo by Will Bostwick, used under 2.0 Generic CC license

Gaiam’s ergonomic active sitting chair helps you improve your posture while strengthening your back and your core. It also helps to take the pressure off your spinal cord. The chair sits in the center of a base with four lockable caster wheels and has with an ergonomic backrest. It also had anti-burst technology. This allows you to stay comfortable and stabilized while providing a healthier alternative to your office chair!
  1. Flash Furniture Kneeling Chair
Unlike other active sitting chairs, this chair makes you sit upright by kneeling. In this way, you can better your posture as it brings your spinal cord in line. As such, it also helps alleviate pressure off your spine that results from conventional sedentary sitting. This chair by Flash Furniture is not only height-adjustable, it’s light-weight and durable too. You can also stay comfortable for however long you use the chair with its well-padded seat and knee rest. While it may take some getting used to, you're working wonders for your back in the long-run!
  1. Buoy by Turnstone
This durable, light-weight, and height-adjustable chair was designed with movement in mind. Its contoured base lets you swivel and rock back and forth. This keeps your core muscles engaged while your leg muscles also work to keep you balanced. In this way, you can improve your posture and add some movement to your day all while having a bit of fun. Don’t forget to make Buoy your own by customizing the color of the cushion and base!
  1. CoreChair
This ergonomic active sitting chair allows you to move while supporting your pelvis to improve posture. It's designed to engage your core while stimulating circulation and easing back pain. It comes with a cushy seat and a low back rest which offers the right amount of support for your lower back.
  1. Wigli W1 Ergonomic Chair
Wigli’s W1 Ergonomic Chair is truly one of the most engaging active sitting chairs. This light-weight, three-legged stool also has a wobbling seat with a layer of rubber for grip. This wobbling stool effectively engages your core and back muscles by forcing you to maintain your balance and posture. While it is more extreme than most active sitting chairs, it does help in improving your overall health!

Final Word

Active sitting chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but the main purpose is to introduce movement and to keep your muscles engaged. When looking for the right one, consider height adjustment capabilities, durability, weight, and how much movement you prefer. Remember, sitting for long periods of time isn't doing you any favors. Aside from active sitting chairs, don't forget to stand up and move around. If you're a nine to fiver, try these 10 smart ways to exercise at your work desk. Don't miss these 10 tips to keep healthy at work too!

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