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What Are You Really Getting Out Of Your Fruits & Vegetables?

What Are You Really Getting Out Of Your Fruits & Vegetables?

We have always been told that it is always important to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. But have you ever wondered what makes eating fruit and vegetables so healthy?

And what health benefits we gain from consuming them? This is why we put a list of different kinds of fruits and vegetables so you can get an inside scoop in to what exactly you are gaining from them.


Bananas not only taste great but work well in smoothies and also come with many healthy benefits. They give you that boost of energy that you may need while sustaining your blood sugars.

In addition, it helps reduce swelling, protects against type II diabetes, helps with weight loss, strengthens the nervous system and helps with the production of white and red blood cells. It also has high levels of vitamin B6 and iron which help strengthen your blood. Bananas also contain a natural antacid which provides relief of acid reflux and heartburn.


Beets always seem like that vegetable that are left on your plate; however, there are so many health benefits that come from beets that you may want more now. They help lower blood pressure because of the Nitric Oxide that is found in them.

Beets help boost your stamina and enhance tolerances. Beets also contain Betaine which helps protect cells, proteins and enzymes from stress. In addition, because beets contain high amounts of vitamin C, fiber, potassium and magnesium they help boost your immune system.

Beets also act as Viagra because it contains high amounts of boron. In addition, beets contain tryptophan which relaxes the mind which helps you stay stress-free.


Carrots not only have a nice rich color of orange but also has many health benefits.

They have a powerful antioxidant which helps maintain healthy clear skin, hair, eyes and nails without any of those toxic chemicals.

The presence of vitamins and enzymes help with digestion. They are also a great source of potassium which helps reduce blood pressure levels.

Carrots are also a great source of vitamin A which help flush toxins out of your body. Carrots also acts like a toothbrush by cleaning your teeth and mouth by scraping off plaque while chewing them.


Who doesn't love a fresh bowl of juicy strawberries? Strawberries contain a great source of Vitamin C which helps boost your immune system. The vitamin C also helps with the production of collagen which helps with younger looking skin and prevents wrinkles.

The antioxidants and phytochemicals help reduce inflammation of the joints. They also lower calories, are fat-free and low in sodium and sugar which is perfect if you are trying to lose weight.

Strawberries also help with bone health because of potassium, vitamin K and magnesium that are present. Strawberries also have biotin which helps build strong hair and nails.


Onions might make you cry but contains many health benefits that will help you maintain good health. For instance, it helps improve your immunity and has chromium which helps regulate blood sugars.

It also reduces inflammation and heals infections. If you eat onions raw and put them into your salads and sandwiches it can help keep your heart healthy.

Onions also have antibiotic, antiseptics, antimicrobial and carminatives which help your body avoid infections.

In addition, red onions can be used as an old trick to help warts disappear by rubbing them on a wart.


Yes, apples help keep the doctor away! Apples have many health benefits which include reducing tooth decay by lowering levels of bacteria. Apples also help reduce cholesterol levels as they contains soluble fibers which help slow down the buildup of cholesterol plaque buildup in your arteries.

In particular, red apples contain an antioxidant which can help boost your immune system especially when you're stressed out. In addition, if you are trying to lose weight than apples are the go-to snack. This is because it has few calories and helps boost your endurance while exercising.


Broccoli is that one vegetable that you would hide from as a child, but not anymore! This is because it helps reduce cholesterol because it contains a lot of soluble fibers.

Also because of all the nutrients that are found in broccoli it helps reduce inflammation.

Broccoli also contain high levels of calcium and vitamin K which help promote healthy bones. Broccoli is also a good carb because it is high in fiber and helps with weight loss.

There is also potassium present which helps with the function of nerves and the heart. Broccoli also contains foliate which helps with the production and maintain new cells in the body.


Who doesn't love a fresh mango on a hot summer's day? Not only do mango's taste good but it can help build a healthier you! Mango's help with clearing up pores and eliminate pimples.

They have vitamin A which promotes good eyesight and are high in fiber, pectin and vitamin C which helps lower cholesterol. Also the vitamin C and A that is present helps strengthens your immune system.

Also contains enzymes that help break down protein. In addition, mango's are rich in glutamine acid which helps with concentration.


Kale is a new health craze that everyone is talking about and they have a good reason to do so. Introducing kale into your diet has many health benefits. For example, kale helps with weight loss as it is low in calories, high in fiber and has zero fats.

Kale also helps with cell growth and maintains healthy liver functions because it is high in fiber. It helps with inflammation as it has Omega 3 acids and is high in vitamin A which is great for maintaining a healthy vision.

There is also vitamin C present which helps with your immune system and metabolism.


Watermelon is not only a fun and refreshing snack to have but comes with the many healthy benefits. For instance, it contains lycopene which is important to have for your cardiovascular health and bone health too.

It is also rich in potassium which helps regulate the action of your nerves and muscles.

Watermelon also contains vitamin C which helps improve your immune system and vitamin B6 which boost's your energy too.

Watermelon also has a good amount of potassium and magnesium which help bring down your blood pressure. Watermelon is great for your skin because it contains vitamin A.

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