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Where Can I Find Wegovy in Stock

Where Can I Find Wegovy in Stock

There is so much buzz about Wegovy in Canada now, and it comes more than a little while after there was the same excitement about Ozempic for medical weight loss. The expectations are going to be the same because both are Semaglutide medications known to promote weight loss. But the big difference – at least for now – is that Wegovy is going to be much more readily available here as compared to Ozempic. Ozempic shortages have been all over the news, and so people may be asking where can I find Wegovy in stock? 

Did you know you can buy Wegovy from Canada and save upto 80% compared to local pharmacies in USA? Check our prices and availability now.

As of May 1st, Wegovy is approved for sale in Canada, and it makes sense that people are going to want to order Wegovy online from here because it is going to be more available AND you always pay less when your order medication from Canada. But make no mistake about it, the biggest part of the draw for people who want to have a doctor writing them a prescription is the fact that the Wegovy price is so much lower in Canada.  

At our pharmacy you can get 4 Wegovy pens for $599, and that is more than half the USA Wegovy price. So, it is not so much where can I find Wegovy in stock near me as it is where can I find the lowest price on Wegovy. That is up here in Canada, and we will remind you that online pharmacies like ours are where you can have US prescriptions filled in Canada. Along with having the medication shipped to anyone’s home in the USA. 

Your Best Choice  

We imagine that a big price difference is going to make all the difference when you have your answer for where can I find Wegovy in stock. We have it in stock here at Canada Pharmacy, and what US customers like about our online pharmacy is that you can pay for your medication first and then send us a digital copy of your prescription. They like that they can jump all over the best price and know that they have 4 Wegovy pens on their way. But if you are on the standard Wegovy dosage schedule that is only going to be a 1-month supply. 

Get your prescription written with refills if you can, and despite out lowest Wegovy price guarantee if you do happen to find it elsewhere for less than it may qualify for price matching as part of our customer care policy here at Canada Pharmacy. That may not be the case with Ozempic and Saxenda, but as Wegovy is new to being available in Canada then even greater savings may be available. No guarantees there, but you are definitely in the right place if you are asking where can I find Wegovy in stock.  

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