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Where to Buy EpiPen in the US?

Where to buy EpiPen Canada 2017

One year ago, NBC News reported EpiPen prices in the United States had risen over 500% since 2007. USA Today reported that the emergency pen for allergic reaction cost over $600 in 2016, compared to just $100 in 2009.

The price increase was called a “disgraceful” and “disgusting” example of a greedy pharmaceutical giant taking advantage of American citizens.

The EpiPen for allergic reaction is made by Mylan. USA Today also reported that Mylan’s CEO received $18.9 million total compensation in 2015 alone.

This left thousands of US residents with life threatening allergies asking “where to buy EpiPen?” This isn’t an optional purchase – people need an EpiPen for allergic reaction to survive!

To make matters even worse, EpiPens have a shelf life of just 18 months. Meaning, you have to buy a new one every month and a half. According to The Washington Post, Mylan might create a product with a longer, 24 month shelf life. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

USA Today and most other reports like it indicate there is no solution… but that’s not an option most US residents can accept. There has to be an alternative to paying extremely high prices for a necessary medication.

Luckily, there is!

EpiPen Canada

Epipen for allergic reaction

Canada Pharmacy is an online pharmacy for US residents, selling EpiPens for $82 each. It accepts prescriptions via mail, fax, and email— delivering low priced prescription drugs (generic and branded) to your doorstep.

They offer medicine to people living in the US at Canadian prices – so they can afford them. There is an alternative to soaring US pharmaceutical prices. So, save your money and consider buying EpiPen Canada.

We did some digging into the best ways to purchase prescription drugs, like EpiPens, in the United States. Turns out, you can buy them online for a fraction of the cost you pay in stores and at your local US pharmacy. Canada Pharmacy is the largest mail order Pharmacy in Canada— offering US residents the drugs and medication they need, at lower Canadian Prices.

Below, the pricing graph provided by NBC News, from data gathered by Connecutre and Canada Pharmacy, offers a comparison of EpiPen prices over the last 10 years for US residents.

Where to buy EpiPen 2017

The red line indicates the average wholesale price for EpiPens. US residents often pay much higher than this wholesale price. Since it goes up and to the right, it’s indicating significant price increases over the past few years.

The blue line indicates a measure of inflation based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The CPI program provides monthly data on price changes paid by urban consumers for a variety of goods and services. Therefore, consumers should anticipate prices to rise consistently with this line.

The Green line is the price to buy EpiPen online at CanadaPharamacy.com. Over the past 10 years Canada Pharmacy has offered EpiPen prices parallel to inflation, while avoiding the steep incline that US residents are paying for the medicine.

If you have a prescription medication or know someone that does, visit CanadaPharmacy.com to compare prices before you purchase.

Pen for Allergic Reaction

Pen for allergic reaction

An EpiPen is used as emergency medication to save someone who is showing signs or symptoms of a life-threatening allergy.

The severe reaction knowns as anaphylaxis can put the person into shock.

Each EpiPen injects Epinephrine medication to treat signs of anaphylaxis.

The reaction can occur from a wide range of allergies including food, insects, latex, and other medications.

For more information and pricing about EpiPen, or any other prescription medications, visit Canada Pharmacy today.

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