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Can I Get a 3-Month Supply of Ozempic?


Ozempic is a pricey Type 2 diabetes treatment medication, but price isn’t the only concern for consumers that have a prescription for it. It is so popular that pharmacies all over the world are having trouble keeping it in stock. So it makes sense that people using Ozempic will try to get as much of their medication as possible given the fact the next time they go to fill a prescription it might be out of stock. Answering what is a 3-month supply of Ozempic isn’t straightforward, because that depends on your dosage. Most people will take Ozempic 0.5mg once a week, but some will go high as 2mg.

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Ozempic comes in 2mg and 4mg pens, and so if you’re taking the standard 0.5mg dose then 3 of the mg pens will provide you with an Ozempic 90-day supply. Using that same math a pair of 4mg Ozempic pens would keep you supplied for 4 months. So the most basic answer to what is a 3-month supply of Ozempic is to say that 3 Ozempic 2.0 pens will cover your once-weekly injection for three months.

But if your blood sugar control needs are more challenging and the standard dose doesn’t get you down to a 7% A1C then your doctor may tell you that you need a 1.0 or 2.0mg injection each week. With Ozempic pens costing at least current Ozempic price that is going to be tough news if you’re paying OOP (out of pocket) and don’t have extended healthcare coverage that is going to be tough to hear. Questions around Ozempic and Medicare part D are common too, and many Medicare part D plans do have coverage for it.

Ozempic 90 Day Supply Made Affordable

So your definition of what is a 3-month supply of Ozempic will depend on your dosage, but finding the lowest price on Ozempic online doesn’t depend on anything. That will always be when you order medication online from Canada, and choosing Canada Pharmacy for that is as good a choice as any. We mentioned earlier that you’ll pay at LEAST $850 USD for one Ozempic 2mg pen at a storefront pharmacy in the USA.

The fact that any medication can cost so much for one unit of it is mind boggling in many ways, but that’s a reflection of Big Pharma in the USA and why Canadian online pharmacies are such a needed option for people who can’t reasonably afford their medication. Current Ozempic price is a big chunk of change any way you look at it, but if you are asking what is a 3-month supply of Ozempic going to cost me then here’s where things will start looking up for you.

You can buy Ozempic pens from Canada here for less than half of what you’d pay in the USA. Current Ozempic price for a 2mg pen is a big discount on Ozempic and that is the price we have here at Canada Pharmacy all the time. You can get an Ozempic coupon from the manufacturer (Novo Nordisk) website, but you will still pay significantly less when you get an Ozempic prescription filled in Canada.

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