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How Much is a 30-Day Supply of Ozempic?


Ozempic is expensive, like most Type 2 diabetes treatment medications, but that hasn’t deterred thousands of people across North America from wanting to switch to Ozempic. It is effective for superior blood sugar control, but it also has the ability to suppress appetite. When people eat less, it makes sense that they’ll lose weight, and that is also part of the appeal of Ozempic. It is a once-per-week injection, and that’s certainly good because you wouldn’t want to be using one any more often than that, given how much Ozempic pens costs.

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How much is a 30-day supply of Ozempic? That depends on what your dosage is. Most diabetics will be taking a 0.5mg dose once weekly, but if you are still struggling with blood glucose control, then you may need to go up to a 1mg or even 2mg dose. Let’s say that’s you, and you need to take that maximum dosage of 2mg. This can work out to an Ozempic cost of more than upwards of $3600 per month in the USA if you don’t have any type of copay arrangement through your health insurance.

And there are several people who don’t have any such arrangement and are paying for their Ozempic entirely OOP (an acronym for out-of-pocket). Januvia is another good oral diabetes medication that is less expensive, but it doesn’t offer the same weight loss for Type 2 diabetics potential that Ozempic does. Using the same math as above, we can see that the average Ozempic dosage of 0.5mg will mean you’re spending between $900 per month on Ozempic.

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So, if you’ve decided Ozempic is the one for you, and your doctor agrees to the extent that they’ll write you a prescription, then how much a month supply of Ozempic is becomes your question. As stated, you’re going to have difficulty finding Ozempic pens for less than $850, and that will mean spending well more than $20K per year as part of your diabetes treatment regimen if you need the maximum dose. Even taking the standard 0.5mg dosage, you’ll still spend over $5,000 per year.

Nothing to like about that, so you will have Type 2 diabetics looking for a better price on Ozempic. The best option is to order Ozempic from Canada Pharmacy, as our lower price on Ozempic is always going to be a better one than you’ll pay at any local storefront pharmacy in the USA. It will be even better if you can get your prescription for Ozempic written with refills included, as we can fill them in as they come due and continue to give you the best online price for Ozempic.

The last thing to say here about how much a 30-day supply of Ozempic is that a more affordable option for Type 2 diabetics seeking weight loss is to look into Jentadueto. It works in much the same way, but keep in mind you’ll need to make the diet and exercise level changes that are required too.

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