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Are Prescription Drugs Cheaper in Canada?

are prescription drugs cheaper in canada

Yes, prescription drugs are cheaper in Canada than they are in the USA, and there’s about 10 Americans for every one Canadian. That means many things, but if we’re going to talk about affordable medication from Canada it means there’s going to be 10x as many people who aren’t taking their medication as a one-off bout of treatment for whatever ailment they have. They’re going to be taking a medication ongoingly, and that problem means it’s pretty darn important for keeping them in good health. If that medication is expensive for them then they’ll want to know are prescription drugs cheaper in Canada.

Fortunately, there is the option of ordering medication online from Canada, and the reason that is a potential solution to expensive medication in USA is because – quite simply – Rx medication often costs less in Canada. That is not true for ALL prescription medications, but it is true for many of them. The prospect of paying more than $500 for one dispensing of 60 or so tablets may sound unheard of here, but for people in the US that may be a reality if they’re paying for something like Synjardy XR and aren’t in a position to be neglecting their Type 2 diabetes treatment.

No one ever is, and that’s true for many other diseases, ailments, and poor health conditions. You need to take the medication as your doctor directs you too, and that includes not skipping doses so that your medication lasts longer. The medications will be in a dosage strength that is designed to treat your condition effectively and taking it at a lower strength or frequency is going to jeopardize good treatment outcomes.

So that’s not a smart option at all. What is smart is taking advantage of the fact that medication costs less in Canada. Are prescription drugs cheaper in Canada? They are most of the time, and almost always for drugs that are super expensive in America.

Ceilings in Place

The US pharma care industry is geared for profit in much the same way many other industries are. Products are made to produce a profit for the manufacturers when those products are sold, and the basics of that are enshrined in the capitalist system that in large part is what allows us to have the quality of life we do. So we can’t entirely take fault with the manufacturers here, and we should also remember that the companies spend millions of dollars yearly on R&D and getting a drug to market is 100% a long and expensive process.

The difference between Canada and the USA here is this; in Canada the federal regulatory body that controls the availability of drugs and everything else related to RX meds is Health Canada. In the USA the exact same agency is the US FDA. As it relates to are prescription drugs cheaper in Canada, here’s the primary reason why that is – Health Canada regulates the price the pharma manufacturers are able to get when selling their drugs to pharmacy wholesalers. There’s essentially a ceiling to it, while in the USA there’s no ceiling at all and pharma manufacturers can charge what they like for their meds.

The trickle down of that of course means that there are more end-user OOP (out of pocket) costs, but that’s not the only contributing factor. There are also greater numbers of middlemen in the supply chain between the manufacturer and the pharmacy. There are some in Canada, but not nearly as many and this is also a part of why are prescription drugs cheaper in Canada.

Additional Factors

By now anyone asking are prescription drugs cheaper in Canada will know that they usually are, and they’ll understand the primary reasons why that is the way it is. But there are other factors too, and one of them may be the fact that individual pharmacies may have higher dispensing fees of their own when located in certain parts of the USA. The advantage of ordering drugs online from Canada there is that you won’t pay any more for these fees no matter where a pharmacy like ours will be shipping your medication.

Drugs may also be more expensive in the US if there isn’t a generic equivalent available for it yet. Generic drugs are great for Americans who need a more affordable option for their medication, and nearly all the time generics are just as effective as the branded medication for treatment. You may pay even less for drugs in Canada when you use one our pharmacy’s discount coupons. The last thing we’ll mention around are prescription drugs cheaper in Canada is that if you’re able to get a prescription written that includes refills then that’s a way to pay less AND order less.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.