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How to Save On Your Seizure Medication

best seizure medication

It is really important to be able to afford medication, no matter what kind of medication it is as long as it’s something you absolutely need to improve the quality of your life – or be able to continue life in some cases. For epileptics it’s all about quality of life, and not having seizures as often / severely. That’s made possible with quality anticonvulsant medications, and there are more than 20 of them that are approved for epilepsy treatment in Canada and the USA. So it’s hard to say what’s the best seizure medication, but among those epilepsy medications Tegretol and Topamax could get the nod.

Topamax is the more broad-spectrum epilepsy treatment medication, while Tegretol is often prescribed to compliment other medications being used to moderate. These medications work by normalizing the way nerve impulses travel along the nerve cells and they are proven effective for therapy. That’s the good side of it, the not so good part of it is that affording seizure meds is a real challenge for a lot of people. So the question then becomes how to save on your seizure medication.

Do you know what it is to ‘barter’ for something? It’s not a very common verb to hear often, but it’s similar to ‘trade’ but more for a service than a thing. You might also not know that people actually have bartered for healthcare in America. As of yet we haven’t heard of anyone offering to sweep parking lots at a big pharma manufacturer’s HQ for a better price on medications. And trying to barter with your local pharmacist isn’t going to go anywhere either, besides making them chuckle and ask if you’re being serious.

We’ll talk more about the best seizure medication here and why getting your epilepsy medications from one of your ‘next-door neighbors’ is the best way to get common seizure medications at a lower price for Americans.

Seizure Meds Dispensed for Less

There’s few medications if any in America that aren’t at least a little expensive. OTCs excluded though, we’re not counting ibuprofen and the like. If you’re getting an Rx filled to get the medication you need and you don’t have extended healthcare coverage or some type of available co-pay setup then you might be in a bit of a bind. The problem for epileptics is that it is not like they have an option to NOT take their meds, and so naturally they’ll not only consider the best seizure medication but also – how they are going to afford it.

You can’t be having seizures going off full tilt and still have some semblance of a normal life, but maybe you also don’t know where that money is going to come from.

Medications are more expensive in America than they are in Canada or Mexico because of monopoly pricing on medication, and in fact that’s the primary reasons Americans pay FAR more in end-user costs for Rx medications than any other country in the world. Further, the Feds don’t regulate the industry the same way in America. In both Canada and Mexico – the two countries that are right next door and close by – medication can only be priced so high. This is why people are looking to order medication from Canada and find a pharmacy in Canada that serves US residents so they can access these more affordable medications.

More on Best Seizure Medications

Your doctor is the only one that really needs to have knowledge of all this, and they’ll be able to advise your what is the best seizure medication for you. There’s going to be some who’ll suggest that Gabapentin is the best because of the way it is more generally a nerve-signal blocking pain reliever that prevents seizures, and in this way it’s not unlike Tegretol which we talked about earlier. These are good choices.

However, if you were to ask a room of GPs what they thought the best seizure medication is most of them would probably say phenobarbital because it’s the oldest epilepsy medicine still in use, treats most forms of seizures and is known for its effectiveness and lower cost. So, if your doctor sees this epilepsy medication as a good fit for you it too may be part of how to save money on your epilepsy medication.

Common seizure medications are among the many medications that can be ordered from Canada, and are especially recommended for anyone with epilepsy and having difficulty getting to a local pharmacy.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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