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Can Allergies Make Your Eyes Red?

can allergies make your eyes red

For some people their immune system is moved to Defcon 1 because they’ve inhaled pollen or some other allergen. When that happens, histamines are sent out in a hurry and the mast cells in your eyes prepare to be inundated with them. That’s part of how the allergic response works in humans, and so can allergies make your eyes red? Absolutely they can, and they probably will if you have allergies and they come around again every year when the spring bloom starts, and grass begins to pollinate.

Ask anyone you know who has hay fever do allergies cause red eyes and they will likely be rolling their eyes, whether they’re bloodshot because of allergies or not. Itchy, watery, and red eyes are some of the most tormenting of hay fever symptoms. And it’s something you are born with, so at a very young age you learn that rubbing your eyes provides immediate relief, but it only makes the problem worse once you stop.

Fortunately using a good OTC antihistamine like 24hr Allegra means that itching, watering, sneezing, and red eyes from allergies are lessened a lot. You still get them, but they won’t be nearly as intense. The next consideration with can allergies make your eyes red is what can you do for relief. If the antihistamine doesn’t cut it, then you may need a prescription antihistamine medication like Clarinex. Others may have more severe seasonal allergies and need to get an allergy shot each spring.

Mind Your Trees

No one is going to plan their activity in the spring and early summer based around foliage types, but if you’re asking can allergies make your eyes red then you probably want to prevent that as much as you can. There are some trees that are worse for allergies, and one of them is among the most charming and fragrant of trees. We’re talking about cedar trees here, and the reason cedar, birch, and oak trees are the three worst for allergies is because they really pump out the pollen.

Why? Because they rely on wind for pollination and therefore need to release a lot of it into the air. That’s as far as we’ll go with amateur arborary expertise, and instead let’s make one more point around can allergies make your eyes red. If your eyes are fatigued or irritated by other factors, they may become more bloodshot because of allergies, and for other people they may find that their red eyes don’t subside as quickly as their sneezing and sinus irritation.

For a lot of people, it’s the incessant sneezing and inflamed sinuses that are the worst, so many times they’ll take that. But if you use an allergy shot you may get better relief. Do allergies cause red eyes? They absolutely do.

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