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Can Migraines Cause Fever

can migraines cause fever

Everyone gets hungry, and you’d have to imagine that everybody likes to eat too. But even so, there’s sometimes that maybe you wish you could shut off that bodily response to having an empty stomach. Same thing goes with a fever or a migraine headache, but in that case you’ll wish it wasn’t happening all the time. Same story though - it’s going to occur whether you like it or not. If someone gets migraine headaches regularly but one day has one with a fever too they’re going to wonder what’s with that. So the question is can migraines cause fever?

Fast answer, no they don’t. Or at least it is extremely rare for nearly all migraine sufferers to have fevers going along with them But there may be reasons why there is a connection between a migraine and fever and it may have to do with a small part of your brain. The hypothalamus is a small part of your brain, but it is central to controlling hunger, hormones, and body temperature. Even slight dips in the function of this part of the brain can mean that body temperature is not being regulated the way it should be, and then you may be having a fever while you’re experiencing a migraine at the same time.

So can migraines cause fever? No they can’t, at least not for 99%+ of people who get them and most people will have a hypothalamus that’s functioning fine all through their lives. So what is causing migraine and fever at the same time? Could it be because you’re boiling mad at having a migraine for the 5000th time? No there too, but we’ll explain more about migraines here.

Ears and Teeth

The reason a person may have a fever with a migraine is more likely that there is another condition causing it, and it just happens to be coinciding with the migraine. Some people get migraines really often unfortunately, and so it can be easy to have this scenario where you’re experiencing a headache and your forehead is hot to the touch. The first and most likely scenario is that you’re starting to get a cold, and we are about to head into the deepest part of winter and flu season here in North America.

But it may be possible that it’s more related to a different type of infection, or it may actually be because your dental hygiene isn’t as good as it needs to be. Everyone gets cavities, and that can be true even if you brush your teeth regularly. But if a rotten tooth gets to the point that you have a dental abscess then that can be something mistaken for can migraines cause fever. An abscess can cause the immune system to respond and cause the person to develop a fever. Ear infections can also be the reason you have a fever at this time.

That may be more concerning for someone if they’re having a migraine along with it, and some people will also relate to experiencing hearing loss during a migraine. That is an entirely different subject than can migraines cause fever, but there are definitely many other responses in the body that may or may not be connected to the electrical storm that’s raging in your brain.


Can migraines cause fever is on, but if a person is vaxxed is a more valid question these days because of what’s been going on with the COVID pandemic and all the pipe cleaner birds that people have been making at home over the last 2 years. There are all sorts of animals you can make, and many of you will have made hundreds of them already. There are many different types of vaccines too, and recently having one may be the reason you have a fever with a migraine at the same time.

Arts and crafts aren’t for everyone, but if you get a vaccine you may experience negative symptoms for the first 24 to 48 hours after the shot.

Now what are the odds of a migraine sufferer having one of their chronic headaches during a 2-day period, any 2-day period? Pretty darn good actually, and so if that lines up with when you’ve just had a vaccine then it may be the cause of your fever. Not the migraines that you have all the time. Much of the time you may actually be experiencing a low-grade fever and it won’t be one that will be so upsetting that you proceed to take your temperature.

If it is though, and your temperature is excessively high then you may want to look into the fever on its own and not think it’s connected to your migraine. Can migraines cause fever? No they can’t but they may be happening for a different reason.

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