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Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz or Canada Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz or Canada Pharmacy

So here we are in a time in history where a lot of the things we have taken as everyday norms aren’t so normal anymore. For many people in America having to deal with the high costs of their medication was something they grudgingly accepted. Others looked for alternatives like ordering medication online from Canada. Now, however, even the supplies of medications available in America can’t be relied on. Some of you may have heard of Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz and might wonder if it’s a good choice for ordering drugs from Canada online. 

It is important to understand with any online service that many aren’t as reputable as they appear to be. This includes Canadian online pharmacies. There are signs you can look for to determine that an operation isn’t of the same quality as others. When you have a pharmacy that’s named itself as comically as Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz then you don’t need to dig much deeper. You'll know it’s very likely going to be one of those you’d best avoid. 

We’ll look at this all in greater detail, but here is where we’ll share the most important point to consider for those of you who’d like an immediate and reliable reference point when choosing a Canadian online pharmacy when ordering drugs online from Canada. CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association) is a regulatory certification body that recognizes Canadian pharmacies serving customers internationally. 

Choose a Certified Pharmacy 

The reason that we highlight CIPA is because it’s a good way to determine if an online pharmacy in Canada is a quality operation. There are only 72 websites for Canadian online pharmacies that have received CIPA certification, and Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz is not one of them. That should be a cause for concern for anyone considering ordering medication online from a site like this. The quality and purity of pharmaceutical medication is very important for obvious reasons. 

But what’s the significance of this quality Canadian pharmacy certification in relation to whether Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz is one of the good ones? That’s fairly simple to answer, as in order to be certified by CIPA a pharmacy must meet the following criteria: 

  • Dispenses through a licensed pharmacy
  • Prescriptions are required for ALL orders for Rx medication
  • Company address and phone number provided on website
  • Written assurance of protecting customers privacy with personal / medical information
  • Proof of secure transaction protocols in place for financial transactions online 

This is what you want assurance of if you are going to order medication online from Canada. The fact that Canada Ezzz pharmacy is not CIPA certified should raise some red flags for you in this regard. 

Known Reputable Pharmacies are Best 

On the other hand, Canada Pharmacy is CIPA certified. It is one of the more reputable Canadian online pharmacies serving US customers. In addition to the best prices you’ll find on popular Rx medications ordered from Canada like Viagra, Cialis, Symbicort, Synthroid, and others, you also have the confidence that comes with the following: 

  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Highest quality customer service
  • Guaranteed 100% secure SSL-encrypted online transactions
  • Easy-to-use website
  • More than 33,000 favorable reviews for the pharmacy 

Plus much more, and including Canada Pharmacy’s $50 referral bonus program where you can earn $50 in credit for both you AND the person you refer to the pharmacy once they place their first order. Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz offers no such program. 

You’re encouraged to shop around and determine which Canadian online pharmacy is best for you. Some may not be concerned about Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz and their lack of an identifiable reputation for quality products and services plus any type of certification. It’s your choice, but we do recommend choosing a Canadian pharmacy that’s well established and known to be reputable.

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