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How to Find your Cancer Medications at a Lower Price

cancer medications

Different colored ribbons have come to represent the collective human fight against cancer. Yellow is for all types of cancer, and pink is especially for breast cancer. That’s good because it’s one of the more common ones for women, and in the same way men grow mustaches in November in North America is because prostate cancer is so common for the fellas. The good news is that there’s ongoing and well funded research into cancer all the time and treatment and survival rates are always increasing. Cancer medications are a big part of that, but the number one important factor is early cancer detection.

That’s often because cancers metastasize, and it’s understandable if that’s a word that you’ve never heard of. You can just understand it as ‘spreading’ in a simple sense, and when cancer spreads away from its source and elsewhere in the body that’s when it becomes more difficult to treat cancer. And the worst scenario of all is if it gets into your lymph nodes, because lymphoma is one of the most difficult cancers to get into remission. A part of getting past cancer often means pain so cancer pain medication is a must too.

This is why federal health authorities and other interest groups are so proactive in making people aware of cancer risks and trying to help with understanding cancer symptoms to aid with early detection. If you notice major changes to your body or general health it’s never a good idea to be dismissive and think it will likely go away eventually. Rates of certain types of cancers are very much on the rise here in North America, although the majority of these ones are related to poor diet and lifestyle choices.

Let’s look at cancer medications in more detail, and talk about which ones are best to use based on where a person is in their diagnosis or recovery, and then add some things people can do to improve their chances of recover from cancer.

Making it Manageable?

Speaking of cancers that are preventable and what we talked about earlier, it’s smokers and lung cancer that come to mind for most people when they’re told about bad lifestyle choices leading to disease. Considering it’s an entirely voluntary activity that is absolutely terrible for your health it’s hard to understand why people do it, but it is true that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on earth.

However, there may be good news on this front as recent news is telling that there have been cancer research breakthroughs made in Cuba that have the potential to possibility turn lung cancer into a manageable disease like diabetes, one where you take cancer medications to keep the disease from progressing to the point where it becomes fatal. Many people are surprised to learn that a 2nd world country like Cuba has been a pioneer in biosciences since the 1980s.

It is true that there are many people who develop lung cancer after never smoking in their life. However, it does affect smokers more often than not as well as people who breathe in polluted air in a workplace. The second part of that may be difficult or impossible to avoid for some, but everyone can quit smoking cigarettes if they are really determined to do so.

Gleevec is among commonly prescribed cancer medications with the way it is proven effective for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Blood cancer (leukemia) is equally grim in the same way lymphoma is, and Gleevec is most often indicated for treating lymphoblastic or myeloid leukemia. It and other cancer medications like Purinethol can slow the spread of cancer and reduce the risk of it becoming metastatic if the cancer is detected early enough.

Maximize Success

Many people truly do believe in the power of positive thinking, and that it can be part of increasing your chances of overcoming cancer. Long-term elevation in cortisol levels is harmful to the function of your immune system, and that’s one thing that people on cancer medications may overlook. By being overly stressed and anxious about your condition and whether or not you will beat it, you may actually be suppressing the actions that slow the progression of cancer. Think positively and make beneficial lifestyle changes and you may find that one day you back on these decisions as having contributed to saving your life.

The last thing we’ll add in our talk around cancer medications here is to mention, when it comes to helping improve recovery from cancer, which is eating better during cancer treatment and some basics around that are

  • Introduce more plant-based foods to your diet to replace meat and processed food
  • Eat more brighter and darker colored vegetables, and choosing to go organic if possible
  • Limiting foods that are cured, smoked, pickled or overly preserved
  • Cut out red meat entirely if you can

These suggestions are also something to think about while you’re on a course of cancer medications as prescribed to your doctor, and do be sure to stay positive during your treatment.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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