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Does K9 Advantix Expire

does k9 advantix expire

The reason you need to be mindful of medication expiry dates is most of the time you’re taking medication, it’s for a darn good reason. Quite often it’s to maintain your health or to put a stop to something that’s putting that good health in jeopardy. This will apply to your pets too, and the way dogs and cats need flea prevention meds is based on a similar aim. But in this instance, you are stopping your pet from being tormented by flea bites, and so you will want to be assured that medication is working as well today as when you first started giving it to the pet. So, does K9 Advantix expire?

If it does expire, then this is the same question as asking how long does K9 Advantix last. So, what’s the truth of the matter? K9 Advantix does NOT expire, but when you purchase this topical flea killer solution you will see that it has a manufacturer’s date on the box. A manufacturer’s date is not an expiry date, but it is a general guideline of sorts to give you an idea of when the medication might start to lose its potency. With does K9 Advantix expire this is what you can know; within 2 years of the manufacturer’s date on the packaging passing you can expect it will no longer be as effective for killing fleas.

Here's the thing though; K9 Advantix comes in 4, 8, and 12 application sizes and you’ll be giving your dog one application a month for effective flea control. So, with that understood it’s fair to wonder if the question does K9 Advantix expire is even a legit once seeing as you’d need to skip a LOT of doses to get past 2 years since the manufacturer’s date. The only exception to that would be if you were sold old medication, but that is very unlikely when you order pet medication online from a Canadian pharmacy.

Stopping Stable Flies and Lice Too

That’s all there really is to say around does K9 Advantix Expire. It doesn’t, but if you don’t use it as regularly as it should it may start to be ineffective for flea control based on that manufacturer’s date we were talking about. So, what we’ll do instead of talking about how long does K9 Advantix last is go on about how it’s a multipurpose parasiticide instead. K9 Advantix can also kill lice on dogs and get rid of stable flies in the same way. You may have a stable of your own and those fillies make good money but if you are a dog owner too you will want all parasites to be eliminated from your dog ASAP.

K9 Advantix can make that happen, and there are other good flea and tick killer medications too. You may find one that works as well as K9A, and you won’t need to be asking does K9 Advantix expire.

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