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How Does Canadian Pharmacy Work?

how does canadian pharmacy work

Plenty of neighboring countries in the world where you cross borders and things are by and large the same on either side of it. South and North Korea would definitely be an exception, and you can say the same for Saudi Arabia and Yemen these days. But when it comes to North America and the United States and Canada there’s really not a whole lot of difference between them except the colors of the currencies. But when it comes to pharmacies and Rx medication there’s a noticeable difference between the neighbors too. Rx drugs DO cost less in Canada, and emphatically with some of them. So how does Canadian Pharmacy work then?

There’s a lot that goes into why prescription drugs cost less in Canada, and the reason they are less expensive has nothing to do with the pharmacies themselves. They don’t determine what the medications will cost when they dispense them to patients, but one thing is for sure and that’s the fact that Canada Pharmacy and others are very pleased to be able to offer more affordable Rx drugs to US residents on the other side of the 49th parallel. After all, that’s what good neighbors are for. Many people need to be taking their medication in order to stay in good health, or even stay alive in some cases.

Drugs cost less in Canada because the prices for them are regulated by Health Canada, whereas the US FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) takes a much more hands-off approach and lets market forces do what they do unchecked. There are other factors too, but we imagine most of you don’t care to know of them. What you likely DO want to know is how reliably can you get cheaper medication from Canada. We can go on at length about that, and we will along with how does Canadian Pharmacy work.

Register / Order / Scan / Send

The process for ordering medication online from Canada is fairly simple, and the fundamental difference in comparison to a storefront pharmacy in the USA is that – quite simply – you don’t need to go into the pharmacy. Now if you’ve got a particularly gregarious pharmacist or maybe one that’s a raconteur with a raccoon you will want to go into the pharmacy to get your prescriptions filled. For the rest of you the idea of getting prescriptions filled online and then delivered directly to your home is likely going to sound pretty good along with how does Canadian pharmacy work.

With a Canadian online pharmacy, you can order your needed medication FIRST, and then pay for it before you need to send in your prescription. In the days before the Internet you would have needed to put it in an envelope and mail it, but fortunately those days are long in the rearview mirror. Most people have a scanner app on the smartphones nowadays, or you may be able to scan your prescription through your multifunction printer at home.

This is a key part of how does Canadian pharmacy work – you send in your prescription digitally and then once it’s processed and payment is confirmed then you are set. Shipping will be required too, but if you’re going to be ordering Rx drugs from Canada often then you can get a very affordable shipping arrangement for all the prescriptions you’ll be filling throughout the year. But that’s the entirety of it, you create your account, you place your first order, pay for it, and send us your prescription.

Generics Even Better

If your definition of better is more affordable drugs first and foremost, you’re going to be pleased as punch to have Canadian online pharmacies that serve US customers at the ready for you. Imagine for example you need to take Tradjenta for Type 2 diabetes and you live in Oklahoma. Tradjenta is a crazy expensive medication in the US that will cost you more than $400 for 30 5mg tablets if you don’t have insurance coverage for a copay arrangement. Now one of the realities of how does Canadian pharmacy work is that you will pay less for prescription drugs, but you’ll pay WAY less if you order the generic.

A Canadian online pharmacy will be inflexible with drug authenticity in the same way a storefront one in the USA will be, and that’s the assurance a lot of Americans will be looking for to go along with those lower drug prices in Canada. The same goes for generic medications, and they will be equally as effective as the branded versions. Another positive around how does a Canadian pharmacy work in the way you can get even better prices on Rx meds when you order generic drugs from Canada too.

Need any more convincing about using an online pharmacy in Canada that serves US? Send us any questions you may have, and in fact you can also send us anything you think we would like to have.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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