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How Long Does Equioxx Stay in a Horse’s System

how long does equioxx stay in a horses system

Some people are born for the equine life. This is true even though owning a horse is so much more of a commitment than with owning any other animals. But the way it is for many folks is that when the get a horse from that moment on they know they’re committed to caring for that animal as best as they can for its entire life. That tends to be easier in youth rather than older age, and we need to keep in mind that a 5-year old horse is 23 in human years. Arthritis is quite common in horses, and Equioxx is a good arthritis medication for horses.

But how long does Equioxx stay in a horse’s system? That’s a question where we need to start by looking at why would that matter to begin with. This duration won’t matter for most horses and you can give your steed Equioxx without much in the way of any second thoughts if they need a reliable horse arthritis reliever. However, in the event a horse has liver or kidney problems then the medication elimination time may be a concern. The standard elimination half-life for Equioxx is 8 hours, but working like it should requires it to stay in the body for several days.

The reasons that potentially becomes a problem for horses with liver or kidney issues is that this medication can significantly factor into renal perfusion and other important evaluations of how the kidneys are working. as well as interfere with hepatic procedures. The tests are done the same way for humans, and incorrect results may have very dire health consequences down the road in some cases. This is what leads horse owners to ask how long does Equioxx stay in a horse’s system.

Reliable Joint Mobility Improvement

Equioxx gets high marks in the horse owner community because it provides inflammation pain relief quickly. How long does Equioxx take to work? Studies indicate horses get pain relief starting within an hour of the medication being administered. What makes it effective is in the way it inhibits a specific enzyme, and when that COX-2 enzyme is impeded that’s when osteoarthritis pain and stiffness is lessened considerably.

Returning to the question of how long does Equioxx stay in a horse’s system, we do know that the average is about 8 hours. We also get that this is going to be a concern if the horse has other liver or kidney health concerns, but it also needs to be understood that Equioxx can promote the development of liver or kidney disease when the horse is already predisposed to either condition. Once this risk was clearly defined then people started asking how long can a horse stay on Equioxx?

That is a determination that only an equine vet can make, but those with a horse that is suffering from arthritis may want to have them screened for potential liver or kidney problems before a treatment regimen with Equioxx is started. If they find that your dog IS at risk for these then it may be best to choose a different medication for course of treatment. Equioxx does work well for dog osteoarthritis treatment, but fortunately it is not the only medication that does. Metacam is another and it may be a better fit for your horse.

Understood Risks

The question of how long does Equioxx stay in a horse’s system is an important one should the horse have pre-existing kidney or liver disease OR is at more at risk of developing them. That’s because in these instances this medication can cause bleeding in the intestinal tract that may be extreme for some horses. And while it is reported to happen rarely, there have been reports of some horses falling very ill because of this bleeding and as such that’s a major concern for the horse owner. It is best to know of all the risks associated with Equioxx, but at the same time the consensus seems to be that for the majority of horses it is by and large safe to use this medication.

Independent of what ailment your horse may have, a veterinarian will be able to steer you in the right direction regarding treatment and help with identifying the best equine arthritis medication for your horse, not just one that is proven to be generally effective with minimal side effects. If you are concerned about this matter you may be able to have the vet arrange for renal or hepatic function tests that will determine whether or not your horse is more at risk. You may be just the type of owner who needs to know how long does Equioxx stay in a horse’s system.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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