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How to Get Rid of Sunburn Fast

how to get rid of sunburn fast

The warm sun will always feel good on your skin, but like anything it’s best to enjoy in moderation. Too much direct and strong sunlight is going to damage your skin and the only way to lessen that damage if you’re not going to cover up is to use a quality high-SPF sunscreen. Even then you may still get a sunburn and preventing them as best as possible is definitely a part of ensuring you have as little chance of melanoma skin cancer as possible when you’re older. So if you’ve got one, try to minimize how often that happens in the future and for now it becomes how to get rid of sunburn fast.

What exactly are the possibilities with how to heal sunburn quickly? You’re never going get rid of it quickly as in a day or two, but it is possible if you mega hydrate yourself with water in the time immediately following your sunburn and treating the skin with aloe vera cream that is excellent for helping burnt skin heal itself. Sunburnt skin is inflamed, and the reason aloe vera is an integral part of how to get rid of sunburn fast is because it contains the same type of anti-inflammatory properties that you find in OTC medications like Motrin.

Getting more sleep after a sunburn is a good idea too with how to treat a sunburn, and that’s because when you’re asleep your body has more difficulty producing the cytokines that contribute to inflammation and fueling your sunburn. For treatment of bad sunburns another consideration is to place a cold compress on the sunburnt area to provide more intense colling and also draw heat away from your skin. That might not shorten your recovery time much, but it will definitely make it less painful for you.

Cooler Bath

The reason we say cooler bath instead of cool bath there when talking about how to get rid of sunburn fast is if you are going to pour a bath to help heal a sunburn faster you will do well to make the water as cold as you’re able to tolerate. This will push down the inflammation quite a bit, and if you can stay in it for a good long while and then get out, towel off, and apply aloe vera cream to your sunburn you may well be getting over it a whole lot more quickly.

A sunburn is actually a type of radiation burn, and what we’re going to do here to wrap up this discussion around how to get rid of sunburn fast is circle around to the idea of avoidance as much as possible. Applying sunscreen is easy, and it does wonders for preventing skin damage from the sun. Remember that a sunburn is a type of radiation burn and that a sever burn of this type can damage DNA in skin cells. That can be the precursor for skin cancer, so it really is best to be super sun safe and do your best to avoid sunburns.

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