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How to Buy Affordable Medication for Seniors


Most people are at least fairly comfortable in their retirement, but the cost of living is going up for everyone these days and for many senior North Americans the price they pay for prescription drugs is more of a concern than it used to be. This is an expense that can’t be avoided for many, especially when taking medication to treat a chronic condition. The price of prescription drugs continues to increase although the US Feds have said they are going to try to provide Medicare with price negotiating abilities with drug makers. In the interim how can medication for seniors be purchased affordably?

There are international pharmacies in both Canada and Mexico and ordering drugs online from Canada is increasingly popular these days because you are able to pay less for Rx medication. End user costs for drugs are lower in Canada, and there’s many reasons for that. We won’t get into them, but Health Canada is much more proactive in regulating drug prices in comparison to the US FDA. Not all drugs are priced significantly lower in Canada, but many of them are and medication for seniors is among them. Cialis and Viagra are popular ones for many reasons, and the Advair Diskus inhaler can be too.

The fact that around $68 billion is spent as OOP (out-of-pocket) costs for prescription drugs in America each year is a solid indication that a lot is being spent by people buying their needed medication. Many older Americans without their own insurance rely on Medicare Part D and nowadays many of these people are paying more than $500 a year in annual costs for their medication. More affordable medication for seniors is a real need, and while Americans wait for legislative changes to come into effect, they can order medication online from Canada and get a better price.

Growing Numbers Over 65

This becomes even more of an issue when you consider that in the last few years nearly 9 million Americans have become senior citizens by reaching the age of 65, and many of them will be living in retirement on fixed incomes. Some areas of the country are more affordable than others and some places will have provided better employment opportunities for people through their working lives. Most older folks will also prefer to stay in their homes as long as they can, and so for all these reasons lower priced medication for seniors is more of a necessity for a much larger portion of the population.

An aging US population is going to have all sorts of trickle down effects into many aspects of life in America, and Canada also has a large number of citizens who are now getting close to 70. It is believed that part of the reason the current Biden administration is pushing harder to enact changes needed to make medication for seniors more affordable is with an understanding of what we’ve touched on here; many more Americans are at the end of their working lives, the cost of living is going up, and people on fixed income or Medicare Part D are having difficulty affording the prescription drugs they need.

Same Quality, Purity and Safety

It’s natural for people to be a little suspicious about ordering anything from outside the country, although that does happen a lot more often nowadays. Anyone who has concerns about ordering medication from Canada can put those fears to rest, and first and foremost because all online pharmacies in Canada serving USA must operate under Health Canada guidelines the same way all pharmacies in the USA will do the same for ones set by the FDA. Plus, you will be receiving medication for seniors that is the same brand quality, purity, and safety as you would get from your local pharmacy.

This goes for OTC medications from Canada too. Many customers in the US who shop here at Canada Pharmacy also include their other health care supplements in their orders of medication for seniors, and for example if you use Arthogen PLUS to enhance the effectiveness of your arthritis treatment then you can get your Rx anti inflammatory here and then add the Arthogen to the same order. You’ll pay less for both when you order from Canada Pharmacy, and we have good shipping options that means you won’t need to pay a lot to have your order to shipped to you. That would take away from your savings.

If the prices for drugs for seniors like you is an issue, then you are fully encouraged to look at your options and find ways to pay less for medication. Turns out you are in the right place already!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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