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Can I Get OTC Medications at Online Pharmacies?

what is otc medication

Don’t assume that getting effective medicated relief from whatever’s ailing you means you need to go and get a prescription. Abbreviations can be awesome, and OTC is as good as any. That’s the shortened version of Over the Counter, and where that comes from is the concept that the pharmacist is standing behind the counter with meds you need a prescription for, and over the counter in front of him are the ones you can just pick up and buy. What is OTC medication? That’s easy to answer – it is medication you can pick up, pay, and go with at your local pharmacy, drug store, or supermarket.

Keep in mind though that OTC doesn’t mean inexpensive all the time. OTC meds can be pricey too, and that’s pretty standard in the USA where the cost for anything medicated can be way too high a lot of the time. There’s a real need to get Americans access to better prices on Rx drugs, and over recent years more people have been ordering medication online from Canada and online pharmacies like ours. Some drugs and OTC products won’t be available at major discounts, but others will be available at prices that allow Americans to get their Rx drugs from Canada with significant savings.

OTC medications at online pharmacies can make a lot of sense too, and especially if you can get that product for less and have it delivered to your home. The delivery part of the equation makes this option a good choice for older people in rural areas who may find getting to the pharmacy in town to be a little too much of an ordeal. There’s all sorts of reasons why people should look into this alternative, and along with what is OTC medication another question worth asking is which of them have the best discount when ordering OTC drugs from Canada.

So that’s what we’ll get into here with this entry, and after discussion all of it we’ll wrap things up by talking about an added option we make available here at Canada Pharmacy that is good for paying for OTC meds.

Full Spectrum

There are non-prescription meds that cover pretty much the whole spectrum of personal health care, and in many instances a more mild case of certain afflictions can be treated with an OTC product. The most obvious example here will be pain relief. For example, a person who has torn a muscle may temporarily need a prescription painkiller that really packs a punch for numbing pain, but if that same muscle is only pulled then something like Myoflex pain relief cream will probably get the job done.

The same might apply for someone who is trying to quit smoking for the first time. It’s well known that quitting cold turkey rarely ever works, and people who have tried to quit repeatedly often decide to try a prescription drug like Chantix. But for someone who’s making a first (and hopefully final) try at quitting may want to start with an OTC smoking cessation aid like Nicorette that allows you to ‘ween’ yourself off cigarettes. The answer to what is OTC medication is pretty simple when you understand it covers all meds that you can get without a prescription, and Myoflex and Nicorette are two of them.

OTC Best Values

If we were to make a list of all the OTC medications at Online Pharmacies you can get for much less we’d fill 5 pages at least. But there are some that can be championed more than others when it comes to paying less for drugs from Canada or elsewhere simply because of how big the discounts can be. Let’s take Anthelios for example.

This is a superior formula sunscreen that can be used by people who have damaged skin that is overly susceptible to sun damage. The superior performance of the product means it’s a more expensive medicated sunscreen, but you can get any of the 6 different variants of it for less than $50 when ordering OTC medication online here. Compare that price to what you’d pay at your local pharmacy in the USA.

Weight loss help is a need for a lot of people too, and there are OTC weight loss formulas that can help women or men slim down more effectively than if they go it on their own. This leads us to another example of big potential savings with OTC drugs – Alli. It works by preventing your body from absorbing as much fat from the food you eat. It’s effective, but it’s the furthest thing from inexpensive in the USA. You can order OTC drugs from Canada and pay well less than $100 for 120 capsules of this medicated weight loss aid.

What is OTC medication? It may be your ticket to treating your health conditions for much less.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.


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