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Oprah Winfrey Reveals the Reason for Weight-loss Drug

Oprah Winfrey Reveals the Reason for Weight-loss Drug

The roaring metabolic rate that people have in their youth really wanes hard once they get into their 30s, and it is also true that metabolism slows earlier for women than it does for men. The problem is that people become habituated to their diet and the amount of food they consume, but a slowed metabolism means a lot of that caloric intake is ending up as fat. This is the case for thousands of women across America, including celebrity Oprah Winfrey. But now Oprah and weight loss with Ozempic are synonymous in the news.

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And especially after Oprah’s recent TV weight loss special where she takes the lead in saying that there should not be any negative connotation attached to using weight loss injections like Ozempic,  Wegovy, and Mounjaro. She also took the position that the negativity that does exist stems from the longstanding prejudice against people with weight control issues in America. It is entirely true that exists, and it does here in Canada too.  

In the special Oprah stated that her reason for starting on Ozempic was not because she had finally decided to do something about excess body weight. She already had limited success with losing weight leading up to that point, but she had seen that there were limitations to how much weight a person can lose when using more traditional weight loss approaches. There was a ‘plateau’, but for Oprah and weight loss failing to do so was not an option because she needed to get to the healthy body weight, she needed for herself.  

Wellness Connection  

So, finding a way to get over the hump with weight loss and lose the last bit of weight was a central part of why Oprah started on Ozempic. For Oprah, weight loss was not about being especially slim and svelte or anything of the sort. It was about having a more functional and healthy body, as well as completing her departure from a lifetime of insecurities regarding her weight. It created a lot of resentment and anger in her, she claims, and so this also has a part in re-establishing her mental wellness.  

So how did Oprah lose weight? She took the Ozempic injections to prevent her from regaining weight she had lost, and it was highly effective for allowing her to do this. She reiterated throughout her TV special that she wants to foster an acceptance of that so that other women having issues because of their weight loss struggles can benefit in the same way.  

That is a concept that is easy to get behind and in the big picture we know it is much more than Oprah and weight loss. For starters, a lot of men struggle with weight loss in the same way and yet unfortunately there is a less of a stigma attached to an overweight man than there is for an overweight woman. Fortunately, these biases are starting to dissipate in society though and really, we should just be super supportive of anyone who wants to lose weight and be healthier. Celebrities like Oprah included. 

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